15:02 GMT +319 December 2018
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    • Erdogan vs US
      Last update: 22:57 07.02.2018
      22:57 07.02.2018

      New Agenda?

      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the United States had a plan against Turkey, Iran and probably Russia in Syria, claiming that the US military presence there was directed against the aforementioned countries after the defeat of Daesh.

    • Jim Carrey cartoon
      Last update: 22:45 07.02.2018
      22:45 07.02.2018

      Taking Off the Mask

      Renowned comedian Jim Carrey has deleted his Facebook profile citing - guess what? - the alleged Russian interference in the US elections in 2016. A lot of internet users immediately launched an avalanche of ridicule on him.

    • Rinse and Repeat?
      Last update: 01:34 06.02.2018
      01:34 06.02.2018

      Rinse and Repeat?

      Monday marked the 15-year anniversary of then-Secretary of State Colin Powell’s anthrax-aided presentation to the United Nations Security Council, asserting military action as the only option against Iraq.

    • Information War No More
      Last update: 23:44 05.02.2018
      23:44 05.02.2018

      Information War No More

      On February 3, a group of German lawmakers arrived in Crimea to to "send a special signal by the visit," according to the member of Berlin's House of Representatives, who added that they "consider mutually beneficial coexistence with Russia very important."

    • False Start
      Last update: 18:31 02.02.2018
      18:31 02.02.2018

      False Start

      Having reviewed Russia’s appeal against the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has acquitted a number of Russian athletes previously banned for life for alleged doping abuse.

    • Cry Some More
      Last update: 18:21 01.02.2018
      18:21 01.02.2018

      Cry Some More

      After a US spy plane was intercepted over the Black Sea by a Russian fighter jet, the US Navy released a whole series of videos depicting the incident from different angles, and complaining that the interaction was apparently "unsafe".

    • Wheel of Trump
      Last update: 23:51 30.01.2018
      23:51 30.01.2018

      Wheel of Trump

      With US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address scheduled for Tuesday evening, speculation abounds as sources attempt to prep netizens for the political event.

    • Coincidence?
      Last update: 18:38 26.01.2018
      18:38 26.01.2018


      That awkward moment when terrorists in Syria are able to get radio-electronic equipment manufactured in European countries which pretend to be fighting against terrorism. Is that just a coincidence?

    • Hide-and-Seek Game
      Last update: 15:12 25.01.2018
      15:12 25.01.2018

      Hide-and-Seek Game

      Apart from sanctions, Americans and Russians have other topics to discuss at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, but it seems like the US delegation prefers to avoid the representatives from Moscow.

    • Password Pressure
      Last update: 02:36 24.01.2018
      02:36 24.01.2018

      Password Pressure

      Hawaii Governor David Ige recently revealed that neglecting to remember his Twitter handle and password delayed his tweet correcting the accidental January 13 ballistic missile alert by 17 minutes.

    • Misled?
      Last update: 21:26 23.01.2018
      21:26 23.01.2018


      Global US approval ratings have plummeted dramatically since the presidency of Barack Obama, according to a recent Gallup poll. On the contrary, China's approval is rising.

    • Provocation
      Last update: 22:47 22.01.2018
      22:47 22.01.2018

      Fuel to the Fire

      Turkey started a new operation in Syria aimed at Kurdish militia in Afrin. Dr. Huseyin Bagci, the chair of the international relations department at Ankara's Middle East Technical University, told Sputnik he believed "America definitely has provoked" Turkey by its arms supplies to Kurds.

    • Goodnight, Government
      Last update: 03:33 20.01.2018
      03:33 20.01.2018

      Goodnight, Government

      As the clock ticks away until midnight, the Senate floor does not look promising in terms of passing a short-term spending bill that would effectively prevent a government shutdown.

    • NOprah 2020
      Last update: 01:38 18.01.2018
      01:38 18.01.2018

      NOprah 2020

      Despite the tide of approval generated after Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring Golden Globes speech, a recent poll reveals the majority of US voters are not keen on putting the O in the Oval Office.

    • Welcome to the Rollercoaster
      Last update: 16:48 17.01.2018
      16:48 17.01.2018

      Welcome to the Rollercoaster

      Bitcoin's triumphant ascendance came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday, January 17, after its price plummeted amid disturbing rumors about government regulation coming from the Far East.

    • I Know What You Did Last Winter
      Last update: 17:09 16.01.2018
      17:09 16.01.2018

      I Know What You Did Last Winter

      As the US intelligence community and mass media continue to valiantly pursue their quest of ferreting out the alleged collusion between US President Donald Trump and Moscow, a former CIA officer reveals who really attempted to interfere with the US presidential election of 2016.

    • Imaginary Battle
      Last update: 20:23 13.01.2018
      20:23 13.01.2018

      Imaginary Battle

      "In November, we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets," US President Donald Trump said during a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

    • Whips and Chains Indict Me
      Last update: 02:59 12.01.2018
      02:59 12.01.2018

      Whips and Chains Indict Me

      An extramarital affair involving Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has come to light, and the ex-husband of the woman in question is accusing the governor of blackmail and assault.

    • Observe Traffic Regulations
      Last update: 14:59 11.01.2018
      14:59 11.01.2018

      Observe Traffic Regulations

      That awkward moment when a convoy of six US howitzers was stopped in due to multiple irregularities during transport.

    • Pardon Me? The Return of Arpaio
      Last update: 03:36 10.01.2018
      03:36 10.01.2018

      Pardon Me? The Return of Arpaio

      With Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s US Senate seat opening up this year, Trump ally and ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to throw his hat into the race.