20:12 GMT +320 February 2019
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    • Observe Traffic Regulations
      Last update: 14:59 11.01.2018
      14:59 11.01.2018

      Observe Traffic Regulations

      That awkward moment when a convoy of six US howitzers was stopped in due to multiple irregularities during transport.

    • Pardon Me? The Return of Arpaio
      Last update: 03:36 10.01.2018
      03:36 10.01.2018

      Pardon Me? The Return of Arpaio

      With Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s US Senate seat opening up this year, Trump ally and ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to throw his hat into the race.

    • Droning On
      Last update: 15:18 09.01.2018
      15:18 09.01.2018

      Droning On

      Russian troops stationed at the Hmeymim airbase and the Tartus Naval Base managed to thwart a massive drone attack launched against these facilities by terrorist forces.

    • Bad Bill? Say It Ain’t So!
      Last update: 03:21 06.01.2018
      03:21 06.01.2018

      Bad Bill? Say It Ain’t So!

      Former US President Bill Clinton’s alleged personal escapades are back in the press after a former Secret Service agent decided to release a tell-all book detailing his experience as an officer.

    • Bannon Brawl
      Last update: 03:08 04.01.2018
      03:08 04.01.2018

      Bannon Brawl

      According to the highly anticipated book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Steve Bannon went on record to say Donald Trump, Jr.’s 2016 meeting with a Russian attorney was both treasonous and unpatriotic.

    • Happy New Year!
      Last update: 18:43 31.12.2017
      18:43 31.12.2017

      Happy New Year!

      New Year's Eve is here, and it is time for everyone to share the joy and happiness of this merry season with each other. A new year is upon us, and who knows what wonders and surprises it will bring.

    • Covert Deal
      Last update: 19:30 29.12.2017
      19:30 29.12.2017

      Covert Deal

      The US and Israeli leadership have apparently teamed up against Iranian interests in the Middle East via a secretive deal reached in the American capital earlier this month.

    • Air-Defense-Phobia
      Last update: 14:30 29.12.2017
      14:30 29.12.2017

      Air Defense Phobia

      US aircraft flying in Syrian airspace often did so while in the crosshairs of advanced Russian air defense systems, a high-ranking officer revealed.

    • Made in USA
      Last update: 20:11 27.12.2017
      20:11 27.12.2017

      Duplicitous Agenda

      Daesh formations in Syria were led by commanders trained by instructors from countries of the Middle East and the West, according to the chief of the Russian General Staff.

    • Crazy Chasers
      Last update: 17:32 26.12.2017
      17:32 26.12.2017

      Teapot Tempest

      It seems like some people are too obsessed with an imaginary Russian threat, as a British frigate shadowed a Russian warship that was on an ordinary mission.

    • Lookin' for Outlaws in All the Wrong places
      Last update: 15:39 25.12.2017
      15:39 25.12.2017

      Lookin' for Outlaws in All the Wrong Places

      The Trump administration is preparing a so-called Kremlin dossier - a list of high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reports. It is expected that the document will be presented to the US Congress before the end of January.

    • You Again?
      Last update: 22:38 22.12.2017
      22:38 22.12.2017

      You Again?

      With seats up for grabs in the US House of Representatives and Senate next year, Democrats are divided over Hillary Clinton appearing on the campaign trail.

    • Footballer Leading the People
      Last update: 21:30 22.12.2017
      21:30 22.12.2017

      Footballer Leading the People

      Spanish authorities have compiled a list of Catalan separatists which includes a popular footballer who vocally supported the region's drive for independence.

    • Fanning the Flames
      Last update: 21:25 21.12.2017
      21:25 21.12.2017

      Fanning the Flames

      Moscow expressed disappointment over the US' decision to supply sniper rifles to Kiev, warning that this action may lead to further bloodshed in Ukraine's restive southeastern region.

    • Disney's Donald?
      Last update: 23:24 20.12.2017
      23:24 20.12.2017

      Disney's Donald?

      From Hillary Clinton to Jon Voight, Disney World's latest addition to its “Hall of Presidents” exhibit has many seeing double.

    • Can’t Get Enough of It
      Last update: 21:12 20.12.2017
      21:12 20.12.2017

      We Need More Bases

      The Pentagon is reportedly going to spend over $200 million on the expansion of military bases in Europe in order to "contain Russia". The new US National Security Strategy regards Moscow as posing a challenge to Washington.

    • Cartoon
      Last update: 21:53 19.12.2017
      21:53 19.12.2017

      The X-Files

      It seems that Mulder and Scully from "The X-Files" have found sympathizers in the Pentagon.

    • For Donor’s Sake
      Last update: 02:54 19.12.2017
      02:54 19.12.2017

      For Donor’s Sake

      Ahead of a Tuesday vote in the House, the GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul has many suspecting Republicans are simply scrambling to appease donors by passing the bill before the year’s end.

    • Lean Mean Fighting Machine
      Last update: 21:00 14.12.2017
      21:00 14.12.2017

      Lean Mean Fighting Machine

      During his annual press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that Russia spends about $46 billion on defense - a relatively small sum compared to the Pentagon's $700 billion military budget.

    • God Has Spoken
      Last update: 03:00 14.12.2017
      03:00 14.12.2017

      God Has Spoken

      Despite losing to Democrat Doug Jones Tuesday, Roy Moore’s election night statement was far from a concession speech.