15:18 GMT15 May 2021
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    Never Gonna Give You Up

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    The Trump administration previously planned to complete the full withdrawal of US troops based in Afghanistan by May 1, however, drawing strong similarities to past promises, the efforts went unfulfilled.

    Never Gonna Give You Up

    Reports surfaced on Tuesday that US President Joe Biden will be publicly announcing his plans on Wednesday to ensure that all American forces will be moved out of Afghanistan by September 11, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US.

    An unidentified source explained to The Washington Post that the looming announcement will not be conditions-based, explaining that “the president has judged that a conditions-based approach… is a recipe for staying in Afghanistan forever.”

    Hours after reports initially surfaced, the Taliban militant group announced that it would be cutting off diplomatic negotiations until all foreign forces leave the country. The development came after the Taliban previously threatened in late March to resume hostilities against coalition forces if the May deadline did not stand.

    Also Tuesday, the United Nations announced that an Afghan peace conference was scheduled to take place between April 24 and May 4. It’s unclear whether that meeting will see the participation of representatives from the militant group.


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