00:26 GMT05 August 2020
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    Christo Pretender

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    In recent weeks, US President Donald Trump has been so focused on his domestic agenda of preserving statues and monuments that his campaign has apparently extended the policy to foreign nations, vowing to protect Brazil’s most iconic statue from “left-wing mobs.” Huh?

    Christo Pretender

    Trump’s reelection campaign committee began running ads on Facebook and Instagram on July 3 urging people to support the president in his fight against angry, leftist mobs trying to tear down iconic monuments. In one specific ad, the statue that’s apparently in danger is the famous Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    “The President wants to know who stood with him against the Radical Left,” states the ad, which uses a stock photo of the statue above text proclaiming, “WE WILL PROTECT THIS.” 
    Christo Pretender
    Trump Make America Great Again Committee 2020 Election Ad, July 3, 2020
    Trump vowed in June to protect Confederate statues and prevent the destruction of monuments viewed as historically oppressive towards minority groups amid nationwide protests for social justice, going as far as authorizing the arrest and criminal prosecution of individuals who attempt to take down such structures. 

    It is unclear if the Brazilian statue of Jesus Christ is even at risk or how the US would be able to protect a statue in a foreign country in the first place. 

    Never a boring day with “The Donald”!


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