16:36 GMT07 August 2020
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    Case Disgrace

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    According to US President Donald Trump, the United States economy is rebounding as the nationwide COVID-19 "flames" are being put out, despite the fact that the nation just marked it's largest single-day registration of new novel coronavirus infections: nearly 50,000.

    Case Disgrace
    The United States reported 49,932 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, the fifth single-day case record set in eight days, according to The New York Times COVID-19 database. However, during a Thursday White House press briefing, Trump stated: "We're putting out the flames, the fire."
    Despite the president’s pleadings, multiple states that had once plowed ahead with reopening their economies are now reversing course.

    Cities such as Miami Beach, Florida, have stated that they plan to reinstate a nightly curfew beginning Thursday at 12:30 a.m., extending until 5 a.m., to try to curb the virus’ resurgence, NYT reported. New York City then cancelled a planned resumption of indoor service next week, and California is just one of several now shutting down bars. The Golden State has begun halting indoor dining at restaurants across 19 counties - home to over 70% of the state’s population.

    Here’s hoping Trump hears the music at some point and comes out in favor of taking it easy on the reopenings.


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