00:52 GMT19 May 2021
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    Everybody knows US President Donald Trump’s favorite soapbox: Twitter. In a shocking turn of events, Trump is now going against the social media platform via executive order.

    Undo Retweet: No Twitter Trump

    In retaliation against Twitter for having started fact-checking him and his often misleading posts by flagging two of his tweets on possible voting fraud via mail-in ballots, Trump quickly accused the social media giant of having an anti-conservative bias

    Clearly stung by Twitter’s actions, Trump signed an executive order to weaken social media companies. After slamming social media platforms' alleged editorial bias, the president told reporters that his executive order will remove the liability shield that currently protects the platforms. 
    On Thursday, POTUS stated that his executive order is necessary against the tech "monopoly," since it has, until now, enjoyed "unchecked power" to censor and restrict certain human interaction. 

    But Trump lives his entire life on Twitter! What would happen to The Donald if he didn’t have his preferred method of expression? 


    No Mask Bask
    Glass House Gambit
    COVID Chutzpah
    No Vain No Gain
    Large and in Charge
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