00:33 GMT26 May 2020
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    Death Toll Troll

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    With the already shocking death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic climbing rapidly and the United States currently having the largest number of confirmed cases in the world, many people are truly scared. However, US President Donald Trump is more concerned about another statistic: his ratings among the GOP.

    Death Toll Troll

    The POTUS tweeted about the topic Tuesday, saying that his 96% approval rating among Republicans means that his administration is "doing a good (great) job in handling of the Pandemic."

    Despite more paramount issues at hand, Trump is instead focusing on himself, once again. This time, he has chosen to spend his time boasting about his current approval ratings within his party, all while Americans are dying from COVID-19. 

    The chilling sentiment truly sinks in: if no one is left to vote, who will oppose him?

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