16:56 GMT17 February 2020
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    Iowan Imbroglio

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    The United States presidential nomination process kicked off Monday night with the Democratic and Republican caucuses in the state of Iowa. Due to the fact that the winner of the Iowa caucuses often ends up being the party’s nominee to run for the presidency, the results have been highly anticipated.

    Iowan Imbroglio

    While US President Donald Trump came out to be the clear winner of the Republican Iowa caucuses, the Democrats have been left scratching their heads amid a frenzy to fix issues with the smartphone app chosen to tabulate and report results from the event.

    The app was created by Shadow Inc., which describes itself on Twitter as “creating political power for the progressive movement by building accessible, user-centered tech infrastructure,” and which apologized Tuesday via tweet for not being able to deliver the much-anticipated results of the Democratic caucuses on time.

    “We sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, their campaigns, and Democratic caucus-goers,” the company wrote. 

    While the Iowa Democratic Party raced to release the official results for its candidates, the Iowa Republican Party had already confirmed the day before via Twitter that Trump had sailed through, having “overwhelmingly won the Iowa Caucuses, smashing all incumbent turnout records!”  

    Trump supporters were quick to tout the president’s unprecedented achievement online, adding that the Republican Party has “never been more united!’” 

    To complicate things further, Iowa Democrats released only partial results on Tuesday evening, reporting just 62% of the state’s caucus results.

    Here’s to hoping the Democratic Party figures out who exactly will be running against the current Republican POTUS.


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