14:30 GMT24 January 2020
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    Taxing Jobs, Little Returns

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    Before settling in to view the live impeachment hearings, US President Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers were up and in action early Thursday morning to rewrite history on the Mueller report.

    Taxing Jobs, Little Returns

    Trump was quick to tout his wealth and “clean” financial record in a Thursday Twitter thread, arguing that the supposed probing of his finances by former special counsel Robert Mueller while Mueller was looking into non-existent Russian collusion backed him up and should also absolve him of further financial investigations.

    In addition to the Mueller report having made no mention of Trump’s personal finances, Trump’s argument appeared a little off, considering the fact that he repeatedly said that he could only assume Mueller’s team examined his finances back in April.

    While Trump concluded his tax-related tirade with a mention of jobs, the Job Quality Index, which measures “higher-wage/higher-hour jobs versus lower-wage/lower-hour jobs,” currently stands at 80.62%. This means that, despite the low unemployment rate, for every 100 lower-wage/lower-hour jobs, there are approximately 81 jobs on the other end of the spectrum - which probably explains a recent survey that found 70% of Americans struggle with financial stability.


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