06:16 GMT +314 December 2019
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    Dancing With Impeachment

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    As Democrats and Republicans prepare for the upcoming televised impeachment hearings, US President Donald Trump recently appeared to be more fixated on a completely different program.

    While Wednesday marks the beginning of live, public testimonies in the Trump impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill, the US president appeared more concerned about his former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer being kicked off ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars."

    Despite Spicer consistently receiving the lowest total score and a weekly dragging by the judges due to his rhythmless gyrations, viewer support helped keep him afloat - until Monday night. Even with (since-deleted) support from Trump and his cohorts, the former press secretary was axed in the quarterfinals.

    Netizens were quick to draw comparisons between Trump’s “DWTS” endorsement and a recent election. Not only did Spicer not receive enough votes to win the coveted Mirrorball trophy after receiving the president’s support, but earlier this month, Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin lost the 2019 gubernatorial election to Democrat Andy Beshear shortly following Trump’s animated plea to the state to reelect Bevin.


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