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    O’Donnell’s Oligarchs

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    Earlier this week, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell let his Russiagate excitement get the best of him and found himself issuing an immediate retraction after claiming to have an inside scoop on US President Donald Trump’s business dealings with Russians.

    O’Donnell’s Oligarchs

    Despite being seasoned in the television game, O’Donnell embarrassed himself on a live broadcast (once again) by claiming that a “source” told him about Deutsche Bank documents that allegedly showed that Trump had Russian oligarchs co-sign a loan application. 

    The MSNBC host was quickly called out by the US president’s lawyer, Charles Harder, according to CBS. In a letter to MSNBC parent company NBC Universal, the attorney threatened to take O’Donnell and the network to court if he did not make things right and retract the unvetted, fabricated claim. 

    Ironically, former MSNBC host Krystal Ball recently slammed the network and certain hosts who she said “drank more deeply of the Russia conspiracy waters” than others for the sake of ratings. 

    NBC Universal and MSNBC have not yet commented on whether O’Donnell will be disciplined for his on-air comments. 


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