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    Nuclear Hurricane

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    Possibly giving the creators of Syfy’s “Sharknado” film series a storyline for their next out-of-this-world movie, US President Donald Trump has reportedly suggested that officials drop nuclear bombs on hurricanes in an effort to stop them from reaching the Land of the Free.

    Trump denies it, but there are credible reports that, when briefed on this year's hurricane season, he asked advisers whether it would be feasible to treat them like he was in a Michael Bay movie, and blow them up with nuclear bombs.

    An Axios scoop revealed this week that he’d spoken to multiple national security and senior Homeland Security officials about the possibility of using nuclear weapons to stop such disastrous weather events. The report was based off of sources who’d been briefed on a National Security Council memo that included Trump’s remarks.

    To no one’s surprise, the piece took off like wildfire on social media, and quickly led to Trump calling the Axios report “Just more FAKE NEWS!”

    ​Both Jonathan Swan and Margaret Talev, the journalists behind the work, have issued statements of their own, saying that they stand by the report.


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