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    Mum’s the Mueller

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    Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s six-hour testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees had eyes from all sides glued to the TV, but not only did the representatives’ questions fall on Mueller’s seemingly deaf ears, his responses also left a lot to be desired.

    Mum's the Mueller

    During his appearance on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Mueller, known by his former Department of Justice co-workers as “Bobby Three Sticks,” either deflected or declined to answer questions posed by members of Congress a total of 198 times, according to an NBC review.

    While Mueller appeared to mumble and fumble through his testimony and seemed a bit distant from the facts in the opinion of some commentators, he was very clear on the fact that US President Donald Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice once POTUS is out of the White House.

    However, Bobby Three Sticks maintained his laissez-faire stance when it came to explicitly saying whether Trump obstructed justice.


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