10:43 GMT +319 January 2020
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    Military Dependence Day

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    US President Donald Trump claims this year’s July 4 celebration on the National Mall will be the “show of a lifetime,” featuring a series of musical performances, military flyovers and a public address from 45 himself. However, Trump’s scheduled displays may not be the only prominent gatherings in Washington, DC.

    Military Dependence Day

    Turnout for Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration is expected to bring a wide variety of individuals to the nation’s capital on July 4. From hordes of anti-Donald protesters donning USS John McCain shirts to droves of MAGA supporters, the usually non-partisan fireworks display may seem more divided this year in Washington, DC.

    Despite the inevitable protests of the president, who is set to address the nation from the Lincoln Memorial, one thing most Americans will be able to come together on is their appreciation of fireworks. Slated to begin around 9:07 p.m., the display is being touted by Trump as the “biggest fireworks show Washington D.C. has ever seen,” thanks to $750,000 worth of fireworks donated by pyrotechnic companies Phantom Fireworks and Fireworks by Grucci.

    Since witnessing France’s Bastille Day military parade back in 2017, Trump has been trying to put on a bigger, better show of the US’ military might. Though his first planned parade was canceled due to a reportedly high price tag from DC’s government, only time will tell what becomes of his second attempt at showcasing the American military on Thursday.


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