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    Lying in London

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    The second day of US President Donald Trump’s UK state visit included an unexpected cancelation, a perceived snub and thousands of protesters that somehow managed to evade The Don’s gaze.

    Lying in London

    After a 9 a.m. breakfast at Buckingham Palace, the US president and First Lady Melania Trump kicked off the day with a photo op in which he appeared to have a "hands-off" policy when it came to greeting UK Prime Minister Theresa May — a much different approach than he took with Queen Elizabeth the night before.

    During the president's joint press conference with May, Trump dubbed reports of protests around London "fake news," despite plenty of footage and even audible booing directed at his national security adviser, John Bolton, daughter Ivanka Trump and himself.

    This came only a couple days after Donald Trump openly denied calling Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, "nasty" — which, like his protest claims, immediately proved to be false.

    Trump's trip across the pond was set to include a face-to-face meeting with Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner for leader of the Conservative Party, but instead, a 20-minute phone call was all that resulted from their close proximity. At least the US president saved on international call fees?


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