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    Post-Resignation Revisionists?

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    US President Donald Trump’s Sunday tweet announcing the resignation of US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and assumption of her position by the current Customs and Border commissioner has left many speculating if Washington has now appointed a more aggressive official.

    Post-Resignation Revisionists?

    Following Trump's presidential tweet concerning Nielsen's resignation, Nielsen released her own statement discussing her involvement in the DHS since assuming the position in December 2017.

    Monday, outlets such as CNN and MSNBC, citing unnamed US officials, claimed Nielsen endured open opposition from "border hardliners" such as National Security Adviser John Bolton and senior adviser Jared Kushner concerning immigration. Additional reports claimed Nielsen actually opposed the reinstatement of the family separation policy at the US-Mexico border.

    One individual changing her tone or sending Nielsen the slightest semblance of praise happens to be Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has also not been one to hold her tongue on social media.

    Whatever her legacy may be in the near future, the fact remains that Nielsen continues to publicly support Trump's endeavors at the US' southern border with Mexico. 


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