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    Donny’s First Veto

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    Friday, US President Donald Trump doused congressional hopes of ending his emergency declaration regarding the US-Mexico border by issuing the first presidential veto of his term against a recent senate resolution.

    Donny’s First Veto

    In a pre-recorded address, Trump, flanked by US Customs and Border Protection and relatives of individuals killed by undocumented immigrants, announced and signed his first-ever veto that would cancel the US Senate resolution blocking his initial national emergency declaration on the US-Mexico border.

    Despite the nation being in the midst of what 45 calls an emergency, the "you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card" president went the divisive route by asserting that members of Congress were simply not living in "reality."

    Providing virtually no concrete numbers, the Trump's address relied on vague summaries and buzz words to detail the severity of the purported emergency, also asserting an "invasion" was taking place.


    Trump Says Ready to Veto Ending National Emergency Declaration at US Border
    Trump Says Would Veto US Congress Bill to Block National Emergency at Border
    US Senate Passes Bill to End Trump's Border Emergency
    Trump Vetoes Border Emergency Rebuke Passed by US Lawmakers
    President Trump Declares a National Emergency
    immigrants, immigration, veto, national emergency, border, Congress, Senate, Donald Trump, Mexico, United States
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