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    ‘Tis the Season to Fraud?

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    A federal investigation has been launched probing US President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee amid concerns money donated to the event was done so in exchange for policy concessions or a measure of influence over Trump administration officials.

    ‘Tis the Season to Fraud?

    As public knowledge concerning special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation findings appears to be picking up steam, another dark cloud of corruption formed over the Trump White House following the Thursday Wall Street Journal revelation.

    Having raised nearly double the funding of his predecessor, Trump's nearly $110 million in inaugural committee donations was once an accomplishment and worthy of MAGA bragging rights, but now it appears to be a red flag previously unnoticed.

    The investigation also follows an August guilty plea by lobbyist Sam Patten, in which he admitted to laundering $57,000 to an unnamed US "straw purchaser" so a "prominent Ukraine oligarch" could secure four tickets to the inauguration. A number of other donors have also found themselves in the spotlight following the unusual overlap in associates and business partners

    Though many would (and would be advised to) wait until their day in court to respond to such allegations, Twitter has become the US president's safe space and soapbox regarding legal woes associated with himself. That said, one should expect an increase in name-calling and capital letters to come from 45 in 2019.

    Perhaps Hillary Clinton, whose "Clinton Foundation" remains under investigation for a suspected "pay-to-play" scheme, can give President Trump a few tips on how to keep his alleged wrongdoings out of the mainstream bubble.


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