20:58 GMT +314 December 2018
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    Liar’s Remorse?

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    As US President Donald Trump’s temper on Twitter appears to correlate with the rising speculation surrounding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, a number of individuals currently and formerly associated with the president appear to be distancing themselves.

    Liar's Remorse?

    Trump's Twitter fingers have been operating at full force the past week, including a tweet as recently as Friday praising current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo while simultaneously dissing his predecessor, Rex Tillerson.

    Earlier in the week, reports claimed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly could be the next member of the Trump administration to exit, following widely reported rumors of repeated disagreements with the US president.

    Additionally, publications citing an anonymous source reported a Monday campaign strategy meeting revealed Vice President Mike Pence may lose his spot on Trump's future 2020 presidential election ticket.
    With the running list of those fired from the current US administration on the rise, it would come as no surprise that even those closest to Trump are questioning his claim of only hiring "the best people."


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