16:17 GMT28 February 2020
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    Keep the Devil Way Down in the Hole

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    A veterans’ memorial in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, will soon carry a Satanic monument: a black cube inscribed with pentagrams. The Satanic Temple successfully petitioned the city to have their monument installed in the park’s “limited open forum.”

    Satanic Veteran's Monument Cartoon

    Atheist non-profit group the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue Belle Plaine over the presence of another memorial in the park that incorporated Christian iconography unless the city allowed symbols from any other religious group to also be displayed on the public plot. The Satanic Temple then submitted their own design for a temporary installation. 

    The Satanic Temple do not actually worship the supernatural being from Abrahamic religions, rather seeing Satan as a literary figure who embodies "the eternal rebel" against authority.


    Satanic Majesty: Free Speech Win Means Minnesota Park Will Get Devilish Monument
    Devil's in the Detail: 'Freedom of Movement' Remains Non-Negotiable Says 'Satan'
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