04:48 GMT +315 December 2018
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    Build the Wall! Show Me the Money?

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    President Donald Trump’s plan to get his border wall started via ‘existing funds’ in the Department of Homeland Security have met a wall of their own, as the DHS is only able to raise $20 million of their own money. This isn’t enough to begin construction of the wall.

    Cheap Border Wall Cartoon

    However, the DHS only searched their $376 million budget for border security fencing, infrastructure and technology, less than 1% of their $41.2 billion budget. To secure funding from their remaining budget, they must submit a request to Congress to reapportion their money. 

    The rest of the border wall, which the DHS estimated will cost $21.6 billion, will have to be funded through a Congressional apportionment. 


    Trump Administration Finds Only $20 Million in Spare Funds for Border Wall
    US Vice President Pence Reiterates Mexico to Pay for Border Wall
    Border Wall, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Donald Trump, Mexico
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