17:58 GMT +328 July 2017

    Every Little Bit Helps

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    On January 6, the US military began the deployment of 4,000 troops and 87 tanks to Eastern Europe. The US also plans to deploy 50 Black Hawk, 10 CH-47 Chinook and 24 Apache helicopters, as well as 2,200 personnel.

    Every Little Bit Helps

    The move is part of the Atlantic Resolve operation launched by the US military in April 2014, in the aftermath of the US-backed Maidan coup d'etat in Ukraine.

    From Russia's point of view, the military build-up in Eastern Europe poses a security threat.


    US Tanks 'Driving Back and Forth' in Europe Undermine Regional Stability
    US Army Deploys Thousands of Troops and Dozens of Tanks to Eastern Europe
    tanks, NATO, United States, Eastern Europe, Russia
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