17:58 GMT +317 January 2017

    Hit the Road Barack

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    It seems like Barack Obama has decided to follow the principle 'last one who leaves turns off the light' and ordered to impose new sanctions against Russia. But the Russian side took it with humor.

    beware of the lame duck

    For example, the Russian embassy in the UK expressed its reaction on new sanctions via Twitter.

    ​Western media immediately reacted on this tweet. The Washington Times decided that Russia was making fun of the recent diplomatic row between the two countries. Mashable did't want to believe that Russian diplomats responded to the conflict with a meme. The Independent wrote that the Russian response "was fast, and in some cases, rather amusing." Business Insider called it "a snide response."


    Russian Lawmaker Supports Response to New US Sanctions Over Alleged Hacking
    Russia Will Respond to US Sanctions on Russia Over Alleged Hacking - Lavrov
    New US Sanctions Aim to Hurt Putin-Trump Ties, Peace Progress in Syria
    'Lame' - Russian Embassy Mocks Obama Administration Sanctions
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    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Angry bears and wounded ducks... Who would win in a fight?
    • marcanhalt
      I am smiling at the look in the duck's eyes. He seems to be saying that he was abandoned, and without ceremony, by his usual crossing guard, and he is pissed.
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