17:02 GMT +320 June 2019
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    Marching the Refugees Out

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    Several hundreds of activists set off to march from Berlin in the direction of Aleppo on Monday.

    Marching for Refugees

    Explaining what they hope to achieve, the organisers of the Civil March for Aleppo wrote on their Facebook page: "We demand help for civilians, protecting human rights and working out a peaceful solution for the people of Aleppo and other besieged cities in Syria and beyond."

    Last year almost a million refugees arrived in Germany, after Merkel announced her open-door policy. The decision provoked criticism against the chancellor and the ruling government coalition.


    ‘Disguised as Refugees’: Germany in Terrorists’ Crosshairs
    Germany Facing Worsening Migrant Crisis as More Refugees Win Court Battles
    Germany's Small Town Mayor Assaulted for Plans to House Refugees
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