18:39 GMT +325 March 2017

    Obama Pushes Through Last-Minute Regulations Ahead of Trump

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    The Obama administration released a proposal allowing for a single lease sale for oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. The area houses several animal habitats and subsistence-use areas for three Native American villages. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to deregulate energy drilling over environmental concerns.

    Obama Pushes for Last-Minute Regulations


    Obama Team Releases New Study Defending Oil Drilling in Cook Inlet, Alaska
    Alaska Lawmakers Exploring Legislation to Overturn Obama’s Oil Drilling Bans
    Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Washington DC, Alaska
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    • Jonathan Ferguson
      The #ExecutiveOrderPresident
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      OBAMA is a complete LAME DUCK. Lost elections of Clinton over his own arrogance. And now will learn a lesson he will NEVER forget.
      Who will trust democrats anymore?

      Oh I will accept the outcome of the elections. OH YEAH. As long as Clinton wins.
      Today people see the although, not perfect, TRUMP is for the people.
      Hopefully, he stay AWAY from Israel, it could get U.S into a struggle it may not survive so easily.

      Obama is a GANGSTA, something he always portrait with gestures, walk, it just shows. He THINK he better than no one. And still believe in propaganda.

      The MOST exceptional country on earth,. The longest. The most innovative. I would believe IF Russia was no more. Innovation stolen from other countries.
      Russia needs a U.N. Divided per section. One for each section and division in U.N. Beautiful, LAVISH, tourist attraction. With own small heliport and airport . EACH.They will begin appearing not to lose a chance,
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