19:31 GMT +321 February 2017

    Terrorists With Benefits

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    At least 500 veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) paramilitary organization are reported to be currently fighting in the ranks of Daesh in Syria.

    Terrorists With Benefits

    Over the past two decades, the Kosovar government has spent over $2 billion on payment to former members of the KLA, receiving received the money from the US and the EU and since 2009 mostly from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


    Back Once Again for the Renegade Master
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    • Gary F.
      Once upon a time I read a book "Dark side of Democracy". Despite of the title, it was actually good reading for advocates any type of governance. One of the key themes therein was the difficult and in some cases lethal tendency of states, counties and governments to slowly radicalise themselves. By taking part into combats and going on with wild adventures, in the name of good and sweet things, these entities actually just increase the internal eroding process of their very own existence. That is why some wise men have tried to advice that the best and the most difficult thing in this world, when it comes to peace building, is to resist war, to resist the provocation. One of the practical issues is that people rarely never recover from the horrors they have encountered. It may take generations to recover.
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Is this the one the Italians call 'Kosovo Nostra,' or the Albanian mafia?
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply toGary F.(Show commentHide comment)
      Gary F., This is true.
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