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    WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails (74)
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    As WikiLeaks releases the newest installment of emails of US Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, the questions remain - has the flow of leaks come to an end, and how much have we still left to learn about Hillary?

    Truth on Tap

    Thanks to WikiLeaks we know now that Clinton's campaign tried to curry a favor with major sponsor George Soros and received advice from journalists on how to create a better media presence. We know about Hillary's machinations with Google and Yahoo and we know about her 'occasionally violent' temper. But what we still don't know might be much more interesting…

    WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails (74)


    Kerry Asked Ecuador to Prevent Assange From Releasing Clinton Docs - WikiLeaks
    WikiLeaks Releases 11th Batch of Leaked Emails of Clinton Campaign Chair
    WikiLeaks Releases Tenth Batch of Clinton Emails From Campaign Chair Podesta
    Snowden Stands by WikiLeaks, Claims 'Censorship is Never the Answer'
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