16:11 GMT11 April 2021
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    Le Pen Rising

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    Enough is enough! It seems the French are fed up with their government's policy, that's why France's right-wing, anti-immigration, eurosceptic National Front party came out on top in six of 13 regions in the first round of the regional elections.

    Le Pen

    The victory, described as a "historical breakthrough" by French and foreign political experts alike.

    While analysts are divided over the consequences of the right-wing eurosceptic party's victory, they seem to be in agreement over the causes: many voters are simply fed up with the ruling Socialists, and with the political establishment as a whole.

    "The French people today believe that their country has become 'permeable' – that it no longer protects them as they would like," Christian Hutin, a National Assembly MP and member of the leftist-Gaullist Citizen and Republic Movement, told Sputnik.



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    France's National Far Right Regional Election Victory 'Stunning'
    France's Far-Right National Front Leads in 1st Round of Regional Elections
    France Opens Polls in First Round of Regional Elections
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