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    Ian Johnston trims medicinal marijuana plants at Tweed INC. in Smith Falls, Ontario on December 5, 2016.

    ‘Easy Business’: Pablo Escobar’s Brother Suggests Elon Musk Sell Pot – Report

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    The brother of the late kingpin wants to make a weed-selling company with Elon Musk, the very man he threatened to sue for $100 million over allegations of stealing intellectual property for The Boring Company’s “not-a-flamethrower.”

    Roberto Escobar, the brother of late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, sent a letter to US entrepreneur Elon Musk offering three solutions to the “Flamethrower beef,” between the two, Unilad reported Sunday.

    Earlier in July, media reported that the late kingpin’s brother mulled suing the Tesla CEO for allegedly ripping off the Escobar Company’s design of a toy flamethrower, which Musk sold under the brand “The Boring Company.” Later, Escobar demanded Musk pay $100 million in cash of Tesla shares in order to settle the beef peacefully, saying that otherwise the drug lord’s brother will get an even bigger sum or maybe even oust Musk as Tesla’s CEO through the courts. Musk responded to the allegations by tweeting that his toy “is not a flamethrower.”

    Now, Escobar has written a letter to Musk offering three (more like two and a half, actually) solutions to the former’s beef. Escobar started the letter by “giving” Musk a nickname “La Mosca” (“the fly”) before introducing himself, according to TMZ.

    As the first option, Escobar demands that Musk asks US President Donald Trump to grant the former a presidential pardon. Escobar will then use that pardon to come to the US and build a joint company “Escobar Musk Enterprises” – together with the man he accuses of stealing.

    As an alternative, Escobar proposed the creation of a ‘joint’ marijuana selling company called “Elon Escobar Drugs Inc.” 

    “I know you like to smoke. Me and Pablo smoked before. We can legally sell drugs together nowadays my friend, I know all about it. Easy business,” the letter reads.

    The third solution is actually not a solution at all, as the letter warns: “there is no solution three.”

    “Do these two things and we are good my friend,” Roberto writes, adding that carrying out either of the two options will “solve any issues which we have.”

    Escobar Inc. launched its version of the “original, official and proprietary” Escobar Inc. Flamethrower on 11 July this year. Musk’s version was rolled in early 2018, but Escobar’s company insists a Tesla employee stole the idea in 2017. All 20,000 Musk’s flamethrowers were sold in a matter of several days.


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