13:32 GMT15 April 2021
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    According to the company, its CEO Dennis Muilenburg has participated in a test flight on a 737 MAX 7 jet in order to demonstrate the MCAS anti-stall system works properly, which was in doubt following a plane crash in Ethiopia.

    Boeing said on Wednesday that its updated 737 MAX software had been successfully tested.

    "The software update worked as designed, and the pilots landed safely at Boeing Field (near Seattle)", the plane manufacturer said in a statement.

    The corporation stressed that during the flight the crew had used the software in various scenarios to test failure conditions.

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    "Boeing will conduct additional test and demo flights as we continue to work to demonstrate that we have identified and appropriately addressed all certification requirements. We will submit the update for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) review once that work has been completed in the coming weeks", the statement read.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced it had launched another review to ensure the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX.

    The software update comes after at least 300 Boeing 737 MAX planes have been grounded worldwide over two fatal crashes in the past five months: in October, a Lion Air flight catastrophe in Indonesia claimed the lives of 181 people on board, while in March 157 people died in a plane crash near the Ethiopian capital.

    A probe into the cause of the tragic events reportedly discovered that the anti-stall system on Boeing's new model could have been responsible for the fatal accidents. Ethiopia's Transport Ministry also stated that a report on the issue would be released on Thursday.


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