18:35 GMT23 January 2021
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    Jameela Jamil has recently kicked off a body-positive company named “I Weigh” to encourage the general public to treat whatever physique they have with affection, and hence lashing out at those who can’t resist the temptation to hawk slimming products with a cynical disregard for their adverse side effects.

    Presenter-turned actress Jameela Jamil has hit out at the Kardashians once again for promoting weight loss products, like the so-called diet shakes and appetite suppressing lollipops, on their official Instagram accounts.

    Referring to the side effects of the promoted pills, drinks, and etc.,  the Good Place star stated explicitly that the famed family’s pockets are “lined with the blood and diarrhoea of teenage girls”, fully in line with her latest body positivity-focused mission to encourage people to love their bodies. “Fat-phobia is real, it is pervasive and prevalent and is damaging the mental health of millions”, she said while promoting her new company, dubbed “I Weigh”. Referring to what she sees as the Kardashians’ overwhelming itch to make money, she tweeted:

     "Essentially, f**k the young, impressionable people, or those struggling with eating disorders, we want the money”. She further stated that she had been offered money for “flogging this stuff”, adding that “she doesn’t do it”, thereby stressing the Kardashians have not been forced to do so, either.

    In response to one fan’s rhetoric that the celebrity family should not be held responsible for the products their fans splash out money on, Jameela struck back:

    “Yeah DUMB teenage girls with eating disorders. Be smarter. This is your fault little girls. Shame on YOU not the grown billionaire adults preying on your insecurity and fear”, she wrote with apparent sarcasm.

    Speculation ran high in the comment section on Twitter, with people either applauding Jameela’s move to call the bluff of the Kardashians, or, conversely, wondering why on Earth the celebs should worry about the crowd of theis fans’ decisions. Those who once rose to the bait were also among those who had their say on the matter:

    Some even suggested that Jameela is “giving the Kardashians too much” credit, which they don’t actually deserve, whereas one user assumed that cricitism of the Kardashians only plays into their hands:

    There were, however, those who attempted to rise in celebs’ defence:

    Many commented by saying that celebrities differ, and one should pick as examples those that have something more than slim bodies  to flaunt:

    The Kardashians are not the only celebs the actress has famously called out: she earlier targeted Britney Spears' sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, after she had been seen flogging some tea that allegedly put her “back on track” after she indulged in some junk food, “a slice or two of pizza”. Jameela instantly weighed in saying that Spears’ post brought “a bulimic rhetoric” to the fore.


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