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    The Russian Far East and northwest provinces of China enjoy successful and mutually beneficial relations for many decades now. Every year new intergovernmental projects further unite the inhabitants of the two border regions and allow for cultural exchange and cooperation.

    Events such as the IV Russian-Chinese EXPO that is underway in Harbin, which is the capital of the northernmost province Heilongjiang, provides entrepreneurs with new ways of developing bilateral relations.

    It also gives an opportunity to ordinary citizens to understand the lives and cultural passions of their neighbors.

    This year’s EXPO is held at the international exhibition and sports center of Harbin from June 15 to June 19. 

    More than 60 Russian companies from 13 regions of Russia are taking part in this event in China. 

    Russian products have seen increasing popularity in Chinese markets. Producers from Russia’s Far East are actively seeking to enter the Chinese market and are seeing a warm welcome. 

    Despite the abundance of new products, the latest developments in technology and presentations of ambitious projects during the expo, the most attention was drawn to the stands with Russian food, beverages, household items and souvenirs.

    It is clear that Chinese consumers trust Russian producers and the quality of the items as this was noticeable in the abundance of goods presented at various stands.

    For the sweet tooth

    Chinese buyers most often choose to buy cookies, wafers and gingerbread from the Russian stands. 

    According to one participant from Blagoveshchensk, candy and chocolate are too sweet for Chinese consumers so those items are not very popular. However, the bakery items were high in demand.

    Original Tula honey-cakes at the Honey Traditions factory in Tula. (File)
    © Sputnik / Andrey Varenkov
    Original Tula honey-cakes at the Honey Traditions factory in Tula. (File)

    In line with the demands for less sugary items, Russian manufacturers are trying to comply with the wishes and are making baked goods targeted specifically towards a particular segment of the market, for example, confectionery products with reduced sugar.

    Another popular Russian product is undoubtedly honey. Especially honey from the Far Eastern region. 

    The most favorite cultivar among the Chinese consumer is white linden honey.

    Favorite item of the expo

    The Chinese love Russian ice cream. They cannot get enough of the creamy, high-quality, rich-flavored dessert.

    As the representative of the Chinese company pointed out, the import of Russian ice cream is taking place very actively and the assortment of ice cream is constantly growing.

    Russian “Plombir” has been a favorite ice cream in China for a long time because of the fact that it has a lot of milk and no additives.

    According to the representative, Chinese consumers highly appreciate Russian dairy products because they trust the high quality of it.

    Russian souvenirs

    Russian traditional souvenirs were also represented at the exhibition. According to the manager of one of the companies producing products from “Khokhloma” from the Nizhny Novgorod region, despite a wide assortment, the most popular souvenir for decades remains the Russian doll Matryoshka.

    Khokhloma painting is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style. It depicts flower patterns usually red and gold colors over a black background.

    Painted wooden vessels of the Khokhlomskaya Rospis factory in Semyonov, Nizhny Novgorod Region. (File)
    © Sputnik / Dmitry Korobeinikov
    Painted wooden vessels of the Khokhlomskaya Rospis factory in Semyonov, Nizhny Novgorod Region. (File)

    It is quite popular on wooden tableware and furniture. Chinese consumers also purchase crockery with these ornaments drawn on them. 

    The consumers also like to buy Russian traditional scarves and vases.


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