21:20 GMT +323 March 2017
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    Putin: Inflation Reaches 'Steady' Downward Trajectory in Russia

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    The Russian president said inflation has reached a steady downward trajectory and currently amounts to 4.4 percent year-on-year.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Inflation in Russia has reached a steady downward trajectory as the government kept its focus on long-term development plans during instability, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

    "We reached the trajectory of a steady decline in inflation, which I consider extremely important. As of March 13, it was 4.4 percent year-on-year," Putin said at a Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs session.

    He noted that growth rates are returning to positive values and industrial production, including manufacturing, is increasing.

    "During the period of economic instability, we did not lose sight of long-term development plans. Now that the period of economic adaptation to the new conditions is almost complete, these tasks are becoming key," Putin said.

    Russia has been hit by a downturn that began in early 2015 after falling oil prices and Western anti-Russia sanctions took bite. The country's GDP fell 3.7 percent in 2015, according to the Russian Federal Statistics Service Rosstat.


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      There are a few things Russia MUST do.
      One is ramp up sanctions against sanctioners. Stop buying ALL foods. Specially from U.S.
      Next, get to China.
      INDIA must stop the cry baby over MAKE IN INDIA< since it doesn't help Russia end unemployment.
      Russia should open factories in V Nam. For some parts ONLY.

      Russia MUST use coffers cash to get things moving. Or die waiting with U.S, E.U Canada , Japan and others telling investors NOT to invest in Russia.
      Don't go soft on Japan.
      NO to Turkish S 400. Sounds good, but will bring serious problems down the road.
      Specially when many countries will REFUSE it since NATO have them. Connected or NOT.

      Russia should NOT give fishing grounds to JAPAN. Russia needs ships to fish. And end fishing in Russia
      Russia can open won fish farms without any one,.

      DO grow Figs, NUTS etc.

      Russia needs racing tracks. One like Germany, Nurburgring. And use even moon magnetism to calculate it.. Make it at least 3 times , bigger than the world's biggest track.

      Then get all cars made in Russia to race there day and night and all technologies be race born. From tracks to streets. Of course they be modifies for civ use, and MUST be modified on the track. The civilian model MUST be tested on the tracks too. Engines ALL.

      Make the cars in Russia ONLY. And Russia needs serious logistics. Rus coffers can be used. To create mail, packages, containers to move and ship worldwide. Whomever REFUSE to allow Russian freights, and logistics in their country. kick them out too. FAST.

      Russia should study giving money to ALL Rus citizens in Russia. How much? Be determined later. The idea be consumerism.
      TAX everything!!! Even cooked foods.
      NO exemptions!!!

      And create 30,000 auditors, for tax collections. Pass fines to those that don't pay or lie.

      Forget the resources as coffers CASH. As GDP grows, end the resource dependence and rely on consumerism. And spend in innovation.
      I'll go to INDIA to MAKE IN RUSSIA>

      Make their planes too. With tech transfer. Yes do same ..
      Russia must end the distraction and create teams all around the world.
      Specially bigger at BRICS, SCO etc.
      Russia should take initiative for a TPP like, but wiythout the garbage to make easier transit and trade withing CIS/EEU. and yes, re assemble the Soviet Union. Why not? IF they like. BUT with the new model of government and allowing those wishing to have Soviet style or parts. The best of Soviet days.

      Stop telling U.S , West, IF Russia is planning to revive Soviet Union. That is used to FORCE Russia and distract it, and keep it from forming alliances and unions. DON'T BE NAIVE. Ignore MSM and media outlets , FAKE NEWS responses.
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