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    2016 Eastern Economic Forum in Russia's Vladivostok (41)

    The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) is looking forward to meeting potential partners interested in Russia's Far East, as well as finding attractive projects at the 2016 Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), NDB Vice President Zhu Xian told Sputnik on Thursday.

    VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) — The NDB was established by BRICS member states in July 2014, to finance infrastructure and sustainable development projects both in BRICS and other developing countries.

    "We want to show to Forum, to the Far East and to Russia that we are very committed to the support we potentially can give to the Far East economy development and we want to meet potentially our business partners who are equally interested in the Far East, no matter Russian or others. The last, but not the least, we want to see the opportunities eventually that we can identify, some good projects that we can support, so we can see some concrete results in foreseeable future," Zhu Xian said.

    The Eastern Economic Forum is set to open in the Russian city of Vladivostok on Friday. The forum, which is due to last through Saturday, is expected to attract some 2,500 participants, from countries including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Australia, the United States and Singapore.

    BRICS is an association of five developing economies, including Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa, which comprises over one third of the world’s population. The five nations have a combined nominal GDP equivalent to approximately 20 percent of gross world product.

    2016 Eastern Economic Forum in Russia's Vladivostok (41)


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    2016 Eastern Economic Forum, BRICS New Development Bank (NDB), Far East, Russia
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