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    Workers build a Boeing Co. 737 at the company's Renton, Wash. assembly plant Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006

    Iran About to Sign Historic Deal With Boeing After Lifting of Sanctions

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    Following the signing of a $27 billion deal with Airbus to purchase 118 airplanes, IranAir is contemplating another ambitious arrangement, this time with Boeing. Both deals, however, have obstacles that still must be overcome.

    As Iran's new and promising aviation market rises out of its long economic hiatus, Western aircraft manufacturers are lining up to make deals.

    Since the lifting of Western economic sanctions, negotiations on a major purchase between IranAir and Airbus-rival Boeing have progressed. Industry sources predict Iran's flag carrier will soon strike a preliminary deal with Boeing for at least 100 new jets.

    "Meetings and negotiations are going on. We hope that in the future we can reach an understanding with each other," IranAir chief executive Farhad Parvaresh told Reuters.

    Earlier this year Boeing received permission from the US government to engage in commercial discussions with the Islamic republic. However, the Seattle-based aerospace firm will have to apply to the US Treasury for a second license as a precondition to any sale.

    The huge Airbus deal will also depend on winning US export licenses, since more than 10% of the parts for the European aircraft manufacturer's planes are US-built.

    Licensing is not the only issue that must be resolved to complete the deals. Both Boeing and Airbus base their products on the dollar, and Iran is restricted from accessing US financial systems in light of Tehran's ballistic missile program and allegations that the country supports terrorism. Financing from non-US sources will be required.

    "Our deal with Airbus is in euros. The financiers we are talking to…are finding a solution to pay Airbus in euros and then we would have to pay the financiers," Parvaresh said.

    "Everybody is willing to take 10 or so aircraft which is not in our interest. We would rather not have more than one or two (financiers) to make it easier."

    Iran currently has a fleet of 250 commercial jet aircraft, of which about 90 are said to be grounded due to the current economy or missing parts, Parvaresh said. He added that the country is currently in need of some 300, if not more, commercial passenger aircraft for the next decade.


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      I wonder if Tupolev signalled any interest in the contract?
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      justnfreein reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, No they did not because they didn't provide that many offers. Sokhui could sign a deal but they didn't either. Not because Iranians were no interested.
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      There will be problems with delivering those airplanes. As the matter of fact some should have been delivered by now that didn't happen. Boeing won't be selling anything either. US didn't fulfill much more basic part of JCPOA. If only Russians were smart enough to seize the opportunity.
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      michaelin reply tojustnfree(Show commentHide comment)
      justnfree, thanks for the info. :) Maybe after the other contracts fall through? :)
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      Why would Iran make deals with their enemies? It doesn't make sense.
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      Moronic move, they would've been better off signing the deal with Russia's United Aircraft Corporation or Sokhui. A much better quality Aircraft manufacturers than any Western Company.
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      Because of RUSSIA still looking for PARTNERS.
      Russia should have facilities to MAKE IN RUSSIA. This licensing s MUST end. OR by 2050, Russia will be buying MAKE IN ELSEWHERE...
      DO NOT destroy Russia's FUTURE.
      Russia MUST be JEALOUS with tech and know how. ..
      ONE day, Russia may turn expensive. THEN you want to search cheap places to MAKE THERE. Russia could make , some civilians stuff. In ASIA IF it is cheap, and NOT top of line tech.
      Say U.S computers made in China. As soon as a U.S costumer check them is notices the difference.. FAST.
      Don't have top of line parts. It's way noisier and much more.
      They do as Russia was doing in Ukraine. Soviet days parts. Updated but old.
      Reason now Ukraine wants to FORCE Russia to but train parts, that Russia is light years ahead of that teach.
      Making train rails , with China companies, not only uses thin tires. BUT China is NOT on point with Russian qualities in many areas. BE CAREFUL> And anti BRIBERY all the way.
      In ALL Russia should create own tests, and quality assurance and standards of aviation. And be the STRICTEST o EARTH.
      Russia have the tech. GAS planes that use electricity will make also the CLEANEST ever until more tech comes out.
      Taxing of planes should be electrics. But Jet engine capable IF need it. Saving tons of fuel.
      The flying Electric and using engines with fuel as needed. Some Fusion plant inside or two could maintain cells charged. Also soar panels could run instruments etc, to save power. And use from pack as needed.

      BUT all MUST be MAKE IN RUSSIA. Russian's need jobs. or face an emigration rampage once they get and need jobs abroad. Corporations may LEAVE too and need kidnapping laws..Like in U.S.
    • sepheronxin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, probably the most autistic post imaginable.

      Anyway, this whole thing is a joke. If Iran wants to buy them, so be it. They do need long range jets. But they held out for this long, they can wait till Russia-China JV is finished. But if they want to be reliant on US and EU civil jets, oh well. Russia will always find other markets.
    • Mikhas
      Russia just experienced the danger of being dependent on western tech in this field and decided to resume and upgrade the production of Il-96 long range and Tupolev midrange aircraft's. A very wise decision after the production was halted and almost destroyed by Medvedev and the Atlanticist fifth columns. Then there is also the problem of spy&sabotage-ware. Russia learned the hard way that Washington could simply use a backdoor kill switch in Airliner and Traffic control tech provided by western companies. This was used against Iraq prior to the invasion and in other US occupations, Russia had to change all such tech in sensitive areas and decided to not have it´s domestic infrastructure vulnerable to the western fascists, a very costly,still ongoing, program.

      Iran would be incredibly stupid not to learn from that and buy Russian and Brazilian aircrafts f.ex.

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      These types of pronouncements make me admire Castro and his resolve more and more. He did not change his conviction in order to procure another few dollars in the treasury of his beloved country. Changing convictions makes one weak....and it really wasn't a conviction at all, just a mere transient thought.
      However, I do not think Vietnam and Iran will go ahead with the two deals, which on face, gives sincere global villagers the jitters.
      Vietnam just wants the door opened. Who likes a door closed to his country? They may buy a few token military equipment to act as a door-jam.
      Iran just wants to show Europe and America what they have lost in the last 12 years or so.. They can scuttle any deal at any time before closing.
      It will be safe to say that if Iran purchases any aircraft from the usa, then it is begging for tea and sympathy in the future. More Sanctions for various reasons are on the table, just ready to be parted out by the various allies, at the opportune time.
      The sincere world has morally supported Iran and Vietnam in their time of need. If they go back into the eagle's nest, then they have no one to blame but their greed to accelerate their economies at break-neck speed.
      Make haste, slowly and on a sure footing.
    • The SPutin Image
      Thank you, Iran. Partnerships can smooth over many differences. Best wishes to you.
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