16:17 GMT +320 February 2017
    China hopes that the new Silk Road will boost political ties from the Pacific to the Baltic Sea and cut barriers to trade and investment

    First Chinese Train Arrives to Russia as Part of New Silk Road

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    The very first freight train arrived to Russia’s Kaluga Region from China as part of the Beijing-led New Silk Road infrastructural project, according to the official website of the Kaluga Region.

    The Chinese-led $900-billion New Silk Road infrastructural project is supposed to connect East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and even Africa.

    Russia would also play a major part in the construction of the future major project. The train that arrived from China to the Kaluga Region is a test drive of a large scale trade volume of between the two countries.

    "On February 5, the first freight train arrived to the Kaluga Region under the framework of the international project New Silk Road," the official statement said.

    The cargo train was mostly fit with components for the Samsung company, based in the city of Kaluga.

    Russian Deputy Transport Minister Alexei Tsydenov, Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov and two top Chinese Samsung representatives were present during the official meeting ceremony.

    Last year, China and Russia signed the "Joint Declaration on the Silk Road Economic Belt construction and the Eurasian Economic Union docking cooperation". The declaration confirmed that Russia supports the Silk Road Economic Belt project construction and is willing to cooperate closely with China to push the declaration.    


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      What a lovely photo. Nice that it is coming along.
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      This is a lot bigger news than one train. The beginning of the era of Eurasian independence from the us and Europe has just been previewed.
    • Drain the swamp
      The great satan will try its utmost to burn down this new digital Library of Alexandria that has arisen in the East. But the 80m southern baptist redneck evangellos,jews and gays, the evil axis ruling in murica now, are dreaming - a small fart from the from the 3b BRICS nations will have the choking muricans pleading for breath in no time at all.
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      Wonderful news .... May it grow !
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      teddy j
      THANK GOODNESS FOR THE USA-authored Sanctions !!!

      because it means RUSSIA will not need to CLOSE the door to the USA INTO EURASIAN INTEGRATION WITH CHINA SILK ROAD..


      THANK GOODNESS - russia will not have to waste time closing the door -- the usa does it by itself and it increases the SECURITY of RUSSIA CHINA EURASIAN INTEGRATION

      from USA meddling and presence...

      this is excellent news. because eurasia does need to be swept clean of american presence...
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      teddy jin reply towendigo(Show commentHide comment)
      wendigo, as PRIME MINISTER MEDVEDEV SAID late last year -- in the APEC in manila, philippines (which is torn between the reality that it SHOULD side with the eurasian brothers and sisters and its servility to the USA) -


      and it is going to happen - already happening -- and should and will mean...

      SWEEP THE FLOOR CLEAN -- asians love to do that -- of cockroaches - namely

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      tony pin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Beautifully put. lol
    • Is it because I am black?
      To dream of, we need trains like this in Africa!
    • Mother Gorillain reply toIs it because I am black?(Show commentHide comment)
      Is it because I am black?, maybe Russia and China can help us?
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      In response to Patrick Verswevelt from the FB comment side. China will supply Russia with everything from toilet cleaning tools to micro processors. Things that Russia cannot manufacture themselves (because of economies of scale). And the return train will carry Russian export products like energy, raw materials, weaponry!, etc..ETC.

      The relationship between Russia and China is...one has a market, the other has resources. They compliment each other.
    • Blackiein reply toMother Gorilla(Show commentHide comment)
      Mother Gorilla,
      We should ask Iran for help .
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      Suck that yankeee. Soon hopefully the people will ALL refuse to use your zionist dollar every where on earth. The outright lies we are being told about the war is just sickening. The narrative is absolutely LIE after LIE. On cbc world report here in canada the narritive is completely false. Everyone should go on strike and close down the economies in these puppet countries until such time as they can no longer do this to the people. Its good to see how Mister Putin has turned this into a win for the sovereign country Syria. They will NEVER EVER get a pipeline across there. Russia will not allow it and hopefully does not give in to so called peace talks. Just kill them all and hopefully lots of yankeees are with them when they get hit. GO RUSSIA.
    • This is verry good news, and in the future, Europe needs to connect to the neo silk road.
      Europe doesnt need the TTIP with his GMO Food.
    • itchyvet .in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      drblack, Europe has made quiet clear, it's feelings in regard to Russia. IMHO, if I had anything to do with it, I'd turn my back on Europeans totally. Give them some of the treatment they have been giving the Russians, see how well it goes down with them. Russia does not need Europeans, but Europeans NEED RUSSIA.
      Russia made clear and plain it's intentions to expand along the Silk road, this would have benefited everyone, Europeans as well, however it would appear the Europeans have a habit of cutting their noses off, to spite their faces, killed the Goose that laid the golden egg, and will suffer the consequences. Who cares, if they choose to allow a nation thousands of miles away to tell them what to do, (even if that's against their own best interests) tough luck, that's their problem, serves them right.
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