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    Greece Last EU Member to Ratify Association Agreement With Ukraine

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    In June 2014, Ukraine and the European Union reached a landmark association deal that seeks to create a free trade zone between Ukraine and the 28-nation bloc.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Greek Parliament was the last of 28 nations from the European Union to ratify the Association Agreement with Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Wednesday.

    “And one more step forward: the Greek Parliament today ratified the legislative project on the agreement of Ukraine’s association with the EU,” Klimkin said on his Twitter account.

    On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the EU authorities had informed Kiev about the completion of all of the formal procedures for a free trade zone and that it would go into force January 1.

    Russia, as Ukraine’s biggest trading partner, has voiced concerns that Kiev’s preferential trade partner status with Russia would make its market vulnerable to cheaper EU goods once EU-Ukraine trade barriers are lifted.


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      Greece prime minister Tsipras is already well established opportunist who will do all he can to keep power even if it means to betray so called "friends" at opportune moments. However I like that this utterly vehement person did not get what he wanted by betraying Russia last year in summer. He used and abused Russian goodwill and friendship to use Russia as leverage against EU as he believed that he is smarter than Greek gods. Well it pleased me to see that it did not work for him and actually thanks to him Greece people have harsher austerity measures than they would if he would be honest player.

      This act of ratification of association agreement with Ukraine was aimed as torpedo to hurt Russia. As said that idiot dis not succeed and hope he will suffer hard after he collapses. Athens are already rocking by violent protests and it wont get any better but only worst.

      He is still swimming only thanks to his influence over the media as by accepting Germany demanded austerity measures he did exactly that what media moguls requested from media to support. Now he is ordinary opportunistic arsehole who would sell his own mother just to keep on power, let alone keeping friends close by.
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      A citizens initiative forced the Dutch government to organize a non binding referendum on this Ukraine Association Agreement on April 6th 2016. While being non binding this referendum will be very difficult to ignore for the Dutch government. This referendum is the very first of its kind and the Dutch government is actually a minority coalition.
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