01:45 GMT28 February 2021
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    The ‘newcomers’ to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, India and Pakistan present good opportunity for the organization to expand its influence in the world and further show that the organization aims at uniting nations for cooperation and development.

    The entry of India and Pakistan into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will help moderate the position of the organization further demonstrating that the SCO is not directed against the West but actually aims to unite nations to work together for economic development.

    In addition, Delhi and Moscow will make a good counterbalance to ‘too much influence’ of China in the SCO. However, the view of Delhi and Beijing often does not match and that threatens to divide the entire organization, writes analyst Mao Ketszi for Guanchazhe.

    The relations between China and India are not very close and trusting at the moment. However, Russia is on good terms with both the countries, so working together on a single platform with the mediation of Moscow will possibly bring Beijing and New Delhi closer, Ketszi wrote.

    Moreover, the entry of India into the SCO will give impetus to the development of economic cooperation between Beijing and New Delhi, which until now has been very moderate.

    The Chinese project the ‘New Silk Road’ largely overlaps with the Indian strategy, however, it is likely that Delhi is apprehensive of competition and the spread of Beijing's influence in the region.

    But this situation does not bother Russia as Russia and China’s economies are almost absolutely opposite says the expert.

    However, mutual political trust will allow both the countries to combine such important economic projects such as the ‘New Silk Road’ and the Eurasian Union.

    It should be noted that between the ‘newcomers’ India and Pakistan there are many contradictions, so their entry may lead to disputes and reduce the efficiency of the organization as each will have to choose which side to lean on. But, it could also serve as a great opportunity for the organization, the analyst concludes.


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