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    Fradkov rejects Timoshenko's proposal on time of lifting trade restrictions in CIS

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    TBILISI, June 3 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov disagreed with the view of his Ukrainian counterpart Yulia Timoshenko on the time of canceling restrictions and confiscations in trade among the CIS countries.

    The premiers are taking part in the session of the Council of Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Georgian capital Tbilisi.

    According to the session's agenda, the CIS countries have agreed to lift such limitations by 2012, but the Ukrainian prime minister insisted on reducing the time limit to 2008.

    "We want to interact more intensively, and if we speak about establishing a common economic space, we should do this more intensively," Timoshenko said.

    "The talks must go on, and the time of adopting a document should be reduced," she added.

    Fradkov, for his part, said that the time of lifting limitations (2012) proposed by experts had been discussed for a long time.

    "I support the general wish to live without confiscations and go over to establishing a common economic space (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), but one should not forget at the same time that all the CIS countries have their own regulation systems - some are WTO members, while others are not," Fradkov said.

    "We should not simplify the work which is already underway, all the more so since many goods have their own specifics," the Russian prime minister said. "We should advance towards a common economy, and the opinion of experts should be taken into account as well."

    Ultimately the Council of the CIS Prime Ministers left the suggested time for lifting limitations (2012) unchanged. Summing up the debate, Timoshenko said that Ukraine would refrain from approving this matter but the talks on the issue would continue.

    "Our presidents have declared bilaterally that the time of lifting restrictions will be reduced, so Ukraine will temporarily refrain [from making a final decision].

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