17:13 GMT03 August 2020
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    There is no place for naive optimism about the Islamist/Jihadist menace. However, the choppers are starting to fly too high, and are likely to come down to earth with a bump. Let's help them out with that one!

    Islamists and jihadists have made a serious miscalculation.

    Their twin weapons of violent/terroristic and ideological/cultural jihad, as exemplified by the appalling Manchester and London atrocities, have not resulted in a quiescent submission.

    Although some elitist metropolitan intellectuals have laid down their arms, and chosen to become Dhimmis, Useful Infidels and People of the Book, this appears much less common among the broader masses of the people in Western countries. 

    In addition, serious scholars and academics are making excellent pushback; often assisted by grassroots social media and web activists.

    For, even if such online phenomena often take a raw, emotive, and thus deeply ‘pre-reflective’ form, and often strays thereby into senseless hatemongering, the fact remains that the elite consensus of bourgeois multiculturalism and metropolitan diversity and ‘tolerance’ is under siege…

    After a long honeymoon’s slumber.

    Also, the current Occidental trajectory is towards populism, not elitism. Left wing and right populism are finally calling into question the eternality of the endless circle-jerk and mutual massage-orgy which assures regressive leftists that their virtue-signalling (i.e. saying things in order to sound ‘virtuous’ and ‘noble’) is actually worth the effort.

    As the dividends for Islamic Exceptionalism dry up, i.e. the cynical exempting of Islam from the same high standards applied to other faiths and worldviews becomes a great deal less ‘lucrative’ in spiritual and material capital alike, social justice warriors will become figuratively homeless; if not literally also, in a few deeply unfortunate cases.

    Finally, most Western countries do not have Islamic histories that are long in time, ancient in origin, or fundamentally constitutional of modern political and cultural and ideological consciousness (whether positively, or indeed negatively, as in the case of occupied Spain).

    For all these reasons, it seems that there is indeed cause for cautious optimism that all is not lost in the Occident.

    I have discussed several 'signs of life' in a Medium post on the 'reliberalization of Europe.'

    How many such signs of life have you spotted?

    Like the loose-tongued criminals and promiscuous traitors of ancient Greece who flew up into the heavens on wings made of waxen feathers, and who ended up breaking their necks when the wax melted; so also do the jihadists and Islamists risk heading for a fall.

    Like the false prophet Simon Magus, who broke his neck after trying to contend with St Peter, the jihadists have been too arrogant. They are not only 'enthusiasts' in the sense John Locke speaks of: fanatics, fundamentalists, over-pious extremists guided by some wide-eyed vision.

    In addition, they are also rather too 'enthusiastic' and greedy, in the usual sense of the word. For, unlike (say) Turkey or Pakistan, they have not been content to pursue a long march.

    On the contrary! Outraged and despairing by the 'evil' they see around them, their flamboyant acts of provocation and of strident apologism and deflection and derailing, ultimately discredit them. The objective conditions are simply not right for them to achieve their goals.

    For with some cunning and patience, they have achieved marvels elsewhere in the world; but nations that have tasted freedom for many centuries, if not millennia, have been less compliant than the cowards who have signed away their freedoms to Zia-ul-Haqq, or Ayatollah Khomeini, or other primitive, backward, reactionary barbarians.

    They have been poking a sleeping giant for a little too long.

    The Reliberalization of Europe is putting forth its first green shoots.

    Let no-one underestimate the power of Jerusalem and Athens, of Rome and Alexandria.

    The lullabies are over!

    A deafening chorus of hearty throats are ringing out the evangelion of liberty…

    Make sure you are on the right side of history.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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