22:10 GMT07 August 2020
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    Jihadists have committed an unspeakable crime in Manchester. The UK Establishment must accept their own unqualified culpability for the slaughter and maiming of countless innocent civilians.

    The recent appalling jihadist atrocity in Manchester, another heart-rending chapter of what the Mayor of London quite correctly characterizes as a tragic new normality to which Britons must become accustomed to, is a truly shocking and horrific event.

    But it is not, for all that, remotely surprising.

    I doubt that there is no enormity of terrorist brutality that can surprise anyone in the UK.

    This is the Brave New World that our audaciously giddy Lords and Masters have decreed for us…

    and their whirlpool, sadly, must also be ours.

    The question must be asked:

    Who is guilty of this utterly barbaric and wanton act of slaughter?

    One answer easily springs to mind:

    The repulsive jihadist cannibals who planned, plotted, and perpetrated the Manchester bombing.

    This, of course, is beyond dispute.

    However, while politicians try to distract you and me and our loved ones with their bread and circuses and manufactured outrage over the crimes of jihadists, it is worthwhile to bring to mind who else are directly culpable of this utterly unforgivable act of butchery.


    First of all, the warmongering UK political establishment have been pursuing a ruthless, cold-blooded, chillingly reptilian policy of humanitarian aggression for decades. ‘Take up the White Man’s Burden’ remains the watchword, now and forevermore…

    Given half a chance.

    I have a target painted on my back.

    And so do you.

    And all do all your friends and family and loved ones in the UK.

    And so does every single person in this country.

    Who branded us with this mark of Cain?

    I think you know.

    And guess what?

    I think I know too.


    As Chomsky has aptly noted in his famous essay ‘The Crimes of IntCom,’ the so-called ‘International Community’ about which politicians sanctimoniously moralize, is really the Washington government and its ready collaborators. Chomsky has also noted that it is a ‘logical impossibility’ for the decree of the so-called ‘International Community’ to defy that of Washington.

    Thus it is that the game is rigged, in favour of the most dangerous government on Earth.

    UK foreign policy is complacently parasitical upon the DC death cult.

    It is no surprised, also, that French collaboration knows no left or right. “Sarkollande” is the appalling two-headed monster, composed of the destroyer of Libya and the ‘peace prize winner’ who has wrought such wondrous works in the former French colony of Mali.

    The enemies of civilization of every collaborating state must be blamed for the evil jihadist atrocity that has just been perpetrated; and not just the political Islamists themselves.

    Let us also give a special mention to the most-favoured choppers, such as the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia; the Riyadh government has been funding dawah (proselytizing). This unspeakably treacherous agenda has had a devastating effect on Islam in the UK; British Islam has undergone a long twilight of Wahhabification.

    This, as is clear to see, has had a catastrophic effect on people of all faiths and none; including (but not limited to) Muslims themselves.


    Britain First, the BNP, the EDL, and other organizations of the non-theocratic strain of the far right, have consistently stirred up resentment among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This only serves to feed conflict, and ultimately leads to the kind of chaos and devastation as we all have seen in Manchester.

    The actions of the white nationalist far right are no more patriotic than those of Anjem Choudhary, the 7/7 bombers, or Tony Blair.


    The white nationalist far right claim terrorism has everything to do with Islam.

    Similarly, the regressive left claim terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

    Both points of view are so extreme, irrational and hateful, that there is little point pedantically intellectualizing over which is worse.

    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May sips water as she speaks at an election campaign event in Wrexham, Wales May 22, 2017.
    © REUTERS / Toby Melville
    Terrorism may ‘have no religion,’ as the politically correct old saw goes, but terrorists generally do.

    The Lord’s Resistance Army.

    The UVF and LVF.

    Hamas, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

    Extremist monks in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

    Shall I go on?


    It is unreasonable to tar all the UK or global media with the same brush.

    However, for some reason, vast swathes of the media have both infected, and been infected by, some of the worst moral plague-bearers of all.

    The hard-right red tops, or Right-SJW media, practice shameless race-baiting, race-hustling and ‘white identity politics,’ stirring up hatred against asylum seekers, Muslims, and members of ethnic minorities.

    Meanwhile, myriad privileged metropolitan regressive-leftist intellectuals of the Left-SJW media consistently downplay the crucial role religious ideas and motivations play in underlying violent jihad.

    They also promote moral, cultural and historical relativism in various forms, undermine freedom of speech by victim-blaming those targeted by jihadists, and simplistically resort to one-sided and sentimental positions on the complex and highly sensitive Israel-Palestine dispute.

    Needless to say, they also and sanctimoniously moralize about ‘Islamophobia’ instead of condemning both anti-Muslim bigots and regressive and authoritarian currents found in much of what passes for Islam today.


    Now this is truly sickening.

    Dragnet surveillance lets terrorists off the hook.

    If the various intel organizations in various countries could motivate themselves to actually do the job that they are paid to do, and if they actually spent adequate time monitoring dangerous extremists, a lot of innocent victims of terrorism would be alive today.

    However, the intelligence personnel and governments at issue prefer to waste time and taxpayer’s money on mass surveillance, thereby endangering the lives of innumerable innocent people.

    If any state or state intelligence body were to sudden start prioritizing saving lives, they would drop all mass surveillance, immediately, without a moment’s hesitation.

    Believe it or not, they would also refrain from monitoring journalists and other non-dangerous figures.

    Oh, imagine that! What an utterly scandalous suggestion!

    But, let there be not the slightest sliver of doubt on this score.

    If the willpower was there to save more lives, they undoubtedly could do it.

    But political posturing and virtue-signalling means more to a lot of politicians and intelligence personnel, than actually safety.

    Can you remember how many people have carried out terrorist atrocities in Europe who were actually supposed to be 'under surveillance,' but somehow the people in charge of such surveillance had 'better things to do with their time?'

    I know I can't.

    And I'm sure plenty of other people are in the same unfortunate situation as I am.

    The fact is that intelligence and national security, or what passes for them, is a simply magnificent racket, and there is absolutely zero incentive whatsoever for politicians and intelligence top brass to cut the throat of the golden goose that is bringing them so much moral capital and material capital.

    Are you angry about this?

    You should be!

    You should be so furious, you are practically unable to breathe.

    If you aren’t, then I can only say:

    Look around you.

    Look at Manchester.

    This is what ‘the Good Guys’ have wrought through their own negligence and evil deeds.

    Every bit as much as ‘the Bad Guys.’

    No more, no less.


    Some people may be ‘offended’ by some or all of the foregoing.

    Sadly, your ‘offense’ is not an argument.

    I care more about truth than I do about political correctness and petit-bourgeois decency, civility and respectability.

    If you don’t, then that is your decision.

    There are others who do.

    And we are awake, and we see everything that is happening today.

    My dream is that one day, the UK’s slide into authoritarian barbarism will be halted by entirely peaceful and democratic means.

    But until that day, you can be sure that if you are a humanitarian bomber, an AIU shill or a white nationalist race-baiter, you need to think about how far you can legitimately distance yourself from the repulsive jihadist scum who were the closest and most direct perpetrators of this evil act of indiscriminate murder.

    It doesn’t matter what think.

    This is between you and your conscience.

    Sleep well.


    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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