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    An ABC News analysis is analyzed between its lines like a "media X-Ray" on the Deripaska-Manafort situation.

    The clinging reality of Democrats in America’s Congress revolves around diverting attention away from Obama era graft and collusion. When the globalists in Washington dredged up a Russia-Trump conspiracy they put a loaded gun to the head of the New Democratic Order in my opinion. Here’s a “between the lines” look at this business of international business-political intrigue.

    Almost all western media operates like a Fake News machine these days. Take this ABC News story about the relationship between Donald Trump’s former associate Paul Manafort and Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska. The story reads like the typical Russophobia yarn, cementing terms like “Putin's whipping boy” or “Russian mafia” into the psyche of readerships, hammering all Russian businesspeople as crooked apostles of Putin. But underneath the typical diatribe the reality of Russia’s and America’s roles in the world, they shine like aluminum ingots from one of Deripaska’s smelting operations. By mixing fact and fiction, the ABC News story and others build a separate reality for us. Patrick Reevell reports:

    ABC News: “When the Kremlin wanted Olympic facilities for the 2014 games in Sochi, Deripaska built them at what he said was almost a loss. And when international media mocked Russia over the huge number of stray dogs in the town, he opened a shelter for them.”

    For my part, I remember taking a call a few hours before the Sochi Games were launched by Vladimir Putin to appear live on RT TV with an American view on criticisms of these games. Like any live guest, I could have chosen to condemn the games in line with the lies other journalists parroted about LGBT concerns, broken toilets, the Russian mafia’s involvement, and so on – but I did not. The reason I did not was simple, this was not the truth I had learned in six months of my own research, with people on the ground in Sochi telling a vastly different story. I went on RT and condemned the poor sportsmanship of US officials, athletic associations, and the overall unsportsmanlike conduct of the western sports community. My role is in all this West vs. East mess since then is not what is important though. What was an is important is what the 2014 Winter Olympics meant to the Russian people, and the unfair assault on innocent neighbors in the world community.

    Liberal media now uses Sochi, a monumental achievement of Putin and all of Russia, to create yet another dark blot on Russia and Trump. This time billionaire Oleg Deripaska is the focus, the target the globalists are sure will kill off any American support for Donald Trump, and prevent and the possibility of peace between our nations. Acts of a magnitude American’s would call patriotism, are twisted into Hollywood mafioso plots by ABC. Deripaska is put in the same category as that outed Yukos oil oligarch, the power-hungry Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who’s more mafia than a Sicilian mafia don. The only difference between the Yeltsin era businessmen being, Khodorkovsky has now achieved a kind of sainthood for hating Putin so virulently. 

    ABC News: “Deripaska appeared to emerge unscathed, coming to monopolize the bulk of Russia's aluminum production — a feat few believe could have been achieved without becoming entangled in some of the darker practices of the time. He still owns the vast aluminum company Rusal.”

    Take note of the fact ABC has no proof whatsoever that Oleg Deripaska was directly involved in these “darker practices”, but they still make heavy use of the not-so-vague innuendo. The end of the Yeltsin era is a well-documented time of exceeding graft, corruption and profiteering by unscrupulous men like Khodorkovsky, who denies any “dark dealings” whatsoever, I might add. But as for Deripaska, he readily admits his own unenthusiastic association with established Russian mafia figures from that time. How refreshing is that?

    To quote ABC: Deripaska doesn’t deny he has, at times, had to collaborate with suspected mafia figures.” The same man ABC and others demonize for alleged skullduggery went on record years ago with transparent view inside the struggling Russia before Putin took the reins. But the ABC revelations get better, if you read closely.

    ABC News: “In 2006, the U.S. State Department denied Deripaska a visa; though it declined to say why, U.S. officials at the time told Reuters he was denied entry to the U.S. amid concerns about his links to organized crime.”

    Let me just say this, in America the right of anyone accused to be confronted with by their accuser and the evidence is sacred. True, Deripaska is not an America citizen, but what possible reason is there to withhold reasoning here? Today the Trump-Russia investigation in Washington goes forward with supposed credibility, yet Deripaska has not been called to testify? This RT story about the official Kremlin response tells of Putin’s welcoming Russians giving testimony on ALL allegations – the implications are telling, I quote Vladimir Putin:

    “Our officials have many times offered the US Congress and Senate to visit Moscow or [for the Russian delegation] to travel to Washington to meet and clarify all the issues of bilateral relations.”

    This was met with more radio silence, which leads me to the question, “What kind of primeval detente is my country practicing these days?” But let me move on to the crux of the matter. 

    ABC News: “Deripaska, though, has benefited from the relationship as well. In 2008, his company Rusal received a $4.5 billion bailout loan from the government to save it from defaulting on its loans to a group of Western banks.”

    Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama at G20 Summit in Hangzhou, September 2016.
    © Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin
    Right here the reader should ask the question, “What would happen if Rusal defaulted to western investors?” More importantly, the importance of Putin helping Russia divest itself of the choking debt the EU is now dying from is at the root of the globalist war on its adversaries. When Yeltsin left and Putin took charge, Russia was on the verge of being chopped up into pitifully weak little chunks of western owned real estate. Without Putin's “Third Way” plan, Russia was OVER. This is irrefutable, and the “oligarchs” ABC says Putin relies upon agreed to salvage the ship. Let’s look at this Rusal banking thing.

    The foreign lenders $17 billion in Rusal at the time of restructuring and Putin’s bailout included: the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Barclays, Paribas, Commerzbank and Natixis. Names among the key investors include familiar ones like Nathaniel Rothschild, who kept company with Deripaska, British MPs, Canadian gold magnates more than once (The Telegraph). Clearly Deripaska’s business has brought him in contact with more “mafias” than one over the course – but this is true of any billionaire. A recent Mother Jones report puts the Russian aluminum tycoon with former Senator Bob Dole, and in meetings with military industrialist Senator John McCain as well. Like I said, “globalist suicide seems imminent”. It’s rumored McCain celebrated his 70th birthday on board of Deripaska's yacht Queen K.

    The larger issue here are Russia’s resources and potential, and the globalist schemes to drag the country under. Putin has literally dragged Russia from the jaws of the hegemonic beasts in New York, London, and Frankfurt since arriving on the scene in 1999. Russia’s debt is a fraction of any of the western powers. Without sanctions regime and banking attacks on the ruble, Putin’s people would already be rejoicing at unprecedented earnings and future potential. This is all provable fact. And the fact Deripaska himself admitted in an interview on BBC that he was already pressured by the US intelligence agencies to cooperate with them against Russian interests tells us of the “deep state” game.

    Oleg Deripaska is not some choir boy who has nothing to confess, but when compared to his contemporaries in business and politics the man is uncharacteristically candid. Even Paul Manafort has been open about the business dealings between them, which is more than anyone can say for Euromaidan coup cheerleader John McCain. I think that when all is said and done, the neo-liberal beast lurking at the bottom of Donald Trump’s “swamp” will be sorry they every brought up the name Oleg Deripaska. 


    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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