15:53 GMT20 September 2020
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    Der Spiegel’s rallying call for a German-led faux liberal crusade against President Trump is really a cowardly declaration of war on both the Anglosphere and Russia.

    In a bombastic editorial piece, Der Spiegel’s Klaus Brinkbauer has called upon Merkel’s insipid multicultural Germany to lead the growing globalist insurgency against President Trump- described in the incendiary article as ‘a danger to the world.’  

    However, while Der Spiegel is certainly tapping into a deep vein of liberal suspicion focused on the Trump administration, there is little doubt that Germany’s real aim is to sneakily seize control of the EU. Indeed, both spineless eurosocialists and old-style German conservatives are united in their desire to conquer Europe through a blitzkrieg strategy of naked banksterism and runaway EU federalization.  

    Perfect Camouflage Merkel’s self-induced asylum crisis in which 1.2 million mostly male immigrants poured into Germany was then no naïve act of kindness- but a necessary ruse to rehabilitate a country still tarnished by its sordid history of racial nationalism. The migrant crisis is a warning to real German patriots that touting Merkel’s crumbling regime as the last festung of the global liberal order is fraught with such danger it verges on national suicide.  

    This combination of file photos created on January 16, 2017 shows then Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump (November 10, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L, March 14, 2016 in Berlin).
    © AFP 2020 / Joshua Lott, Odd Anderse
    And yet, for Merkel and Berlin’s pro-NATO elites, mass migration and population replacement are a brash makeover designed to prepare Germany for leadership in a Europe where the Anglo-Americans are in retreat and where Russia is thoroughly demonized. Even as Berlin’s nefarious stranglehold on the EU tightens, it wins increased support from liberals, socialists, Europhiles, big business, transatlantic neoliberal-neocon syndicates and, of course, professional Russophobes.    

    Undeniably, Germany, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is counting on being able to fool a Russia conditioned by decades of anti-Anglosphere maneuvering even as it arrogantly projects its power into the post-Soviet sphere. For Berlin’s elites, shielded as they are by the outpouring of liberal anguish and deftly able to use the smokescreen of Russophobia- the Baltics and Ukraine remain prime real estate. From Greece to Estonia, Germany’s revanchist goals are now overtly focused on freezing Russia out of its historic cultural sphere.  

    Tragedy and the Lost Friend  

    Cleverly, Germany will appeal to the grotesquely vapid myth of the ‘lost friend’- an ‘innocent’ Third Reich that was cruelly tricked into Operation Barbarossa not by the self-blinding evil of its own Nazi ideology- but by the perfidious Anglo-Saxon Jewish Empire.

    Cranks, dribbling charlatans, and extremist madmen galore will be wheeled out to spread the ‘lost friend’ myth as Germany cynically plays both sides of the fence: Luring Russia in with the feint that Germany is nothing but a hapless land of LGBT wimps and oversexed migrants happy to peddle Chinese junk on the Silk Road even as it simultaneously masquerades as the earnest defender of the global liberal order against a Russia whose resurgent authoritarianism must be confronted with NATO’s bayonets. One can be entirely certain that no outraged Anna Fotyga, think tank, or state-funded monitoring agency will ever emerge to counter Berlin’s fake news crusade and historical revisionism.  

    Don’t be fooled: the rupture between the Anglosphere and Germany is about how the former, at least as far as President Trump and the powerful Brexit lobby are concerned, refuse to see Russia as an adversary.

    That this core truth will be lost in translation due to the kind of anti-Anglosphere prejudice that has been passed on from generation to generation like a cigarette butt outside a kommunalka’s toilet can be taken as a given. 

    France as the Last Hope

    It therefore falls to France, and specifically to Madame Le Pen, to carry out what others are either too historically damaged, prejudiced, or simply too stupid to achieve even with the help of President Trump and the revolution that is sweeping the Anglosphere.  

    The second round of the French election will be held on 7th May and much to Der Spiegel’s chagrin, it is likely to put a bombshell under Germany’s plans to conquer Europe with migrants, tears, and teddy bears.   

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.  


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