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    Sen. John McCain

    Pissgate: McCain's Prelude to a Bloody Spectacular in Ukraine

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    by Angus Gallagher

    Creeping anti-Russian sanctions, cyber security congressional reports, and now the salacious yet unverified stock-in-trade ravings of a former MI6 operative are steps in a plot to deem President Trump unfit to govern. But Ukraine remains the planned political death blow.

    The fingerprints of both dissident Republicans and diehard Clintonites have led to a former SIS agent turning gun-for hire in a plot that could have come straight out of some tawdry spy thriller. While John McCain was the first to receive the one-time British agent’s findings, the initiative to employ the supposed MI6 officer turned freewheeler came from Senator Harry Reid who seems to have a fondness for fake news and all who tout it:

    Is it really possible that such a person is committed to America’s interests abroad and democratic institutions at home?            

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    Far away in time and space from the plush Ritz Carlton hotel where, so this implausible story goes, the President-elect once engaged in a series of sordid acts under the watchful eye of Russia’s security services, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) used New Year to tour the Ukrainian frontline in a bloody-minded show of defiance to the Trumpist revolution.

    Indeed, the Ritz Carlton and Pissgate are just a brief stopover before the ultimate destination: Trump’s removal from office justified on the basis of an upsurge in violence in Ukraine. Could a sleazy Manchurian ever be relied upon to confront the Russian bear when the FSB had Pissgate’s tapes in their pocket?  

    To deconstruct the entire Pissgate narrative, it’s not only necessary to track down the MI6 link in this great chain of grubby fakery- it’s vital to understand the kaleidoscope of ideas and interests that made Pissgate possible. And that takes us to Ukraine- where the grand finale will be played out.         

    While the rest of the world prayed for a peaceful New Year, relentless John McCain mischievously pitched up in the village of Shirokino, near Mariupol, where he duly exhorted Kiev’s militias to fight against Vladimir Putin with the fiery assurance that: ‘in 2017 we will defeat the invaders and send them back to where they came from.’ In the cold mud of a charred pro-government village, a bloodcurdling show of alpha male bonding unfolded as President Petro Poroshenko proudly presented Senator McCain with his New Year’s gift: a domestically manufactured Ukrainian assault rifle.  

    If Kiev’s fighters weren’t visibly displaying SS insignia on their helmets, and had been scrubbed clean of their Nazi armbands and tattoos, that’s probably only because McCain had been burned before- from posing with armed fanatics in the Middle East to supporting the World Anti-Communist League whose leader was inevitably outed as a Nazi sympathizer.

    Having personally donated money to the Contras, a band of savages known for slaughtering both peasants and priests alike, Shirokino wasn’t perhaps such an unlikely destination for McCain- even in the season of goodwill. In any case, he made no effort to sanitize the reckless nature of his plans- quite the contrary: both McCain and Senator Lindsay are relying on as much publicity as they can get for their scheme to bring mayhem to a region still struggling to recover from years of brutal fighting.     

    Although no clearer intention to set the Donbass Conflict Zone ablaze could have possibly been stated, McCain’s travelling companion, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), eagerly chimed: ‘So 2017 is a year of offence and we’re going to tell our colleagues what’s at stake.’    

    That this is an astounding display of cold war bluster that jeopardizes Ukrainian lives is rivaled only by the obvious fact that the spurious claims the senators have made that ‘Ukraine’s war is America’s war’ is one that American citizens themselves would no doubt strongly dispute given Trump’s victory on a ticket that clearly focused on salvaging relations with the Russian Federation after Obama’s grotesque mismanaging of foreign policy in almost every theater.

    King of Clubs

    John McCain, a failed presidential candidate, is out to take Trump down and if Ukraine can be used as a platform to achieve this, then regardless of the cost to life and limb- so be it. While some might hanker after any evidence that McCain’s sojourn in the Hanoi Hilton provides proof of the senator’s moral rectitude, even a cursory glance at McCain’s career shows that the 80-year old is a cunning opportunist obsessed with becoming President of the United States- even though Americans have spurned him not once, but twice.  

    Indeed, that Donald Trump, who never served in Vietnam, who was more concerned with running his businesses than either whitewashing the Contras, pulling out of the 1972 ABM Treaty, stitching up Iraq on WMDs, or otherwise violently intervening abroad- will be the 45th President of the United States must be something that utterly galls McCain: It is the ultimate insult to a patrician politician like McCain whose military credentials are impressive.  

    Having made winning the presidency look so easy, McCain will now go to any lengths to ensure that Trump is taught a salutary lesson in humility. Not only that, Trump needed to be thoroughly shamed in a way that only Pissgate’s loathsome revelations could ever achieve. If Pissgate proves anything, it is that the GOP establishment and the Democrats have merged into a single insurgent faction that Trump’s wafer thin support base will find all but impossible to contain. If the plan is not some military coup as was scandalously touted by the LA times- it most certainly is to plunge the Trump presidency into an early tailspin. Pissgate was contrived to mingle suspicion with disgust and while it can’t cripple Trump in itself, it’s a stabbing cut at his public persona.  

    As with the Tsar, Pissgate sets the scene for personal perversion to blur with later military incompetence- the tried and tested tactics of the Trotskyite rubric. Needless to say, those who conjured up Pissgate are intimately familiar with Russian history, professional Russophobes eking out their time lobbying for the arms industry in the ideological bloodlands between neoconservatism and neoliberal interventionism.  

    What augurs now is the dystopian nightmare of a constitutional crisis on the Hill whose tangled roots will lie in Ukraine, the Baltic, Georgia, or possibly the Middle East. Ukraine, however, is by far the preferred option and exactly the place where McCain, who infamously stoked the fires of rebellion on Kiev’s Maydan in 2014, feels most ideologically at ease and indeed, most valued by the unruly natives.  

    McCain’s sullen strength lies in the bipartisan appeal of his machinations. Make no mistake, neoconservatives and neoliberals differ only on minor ideological nuances and who personally gets to divide up the winnings: On foreign policy issues, their aims and their methods reinforce each other. It’s no accident that neocon hawks like Robert Kagan defected to Clinton, or that McCain, and Lindsay Graham even more so- both flirt with liberal issues on a whim.  

    The deeper ideological cement that unites all factions now gunning for Trump is a globalist hatred of sovereign democracy and the Russian Federation which, according to this worldview, thwart American hegemony. What American hegemony means in both theory and practice differs between factions, just as World Socialism had various interpretations among the 20th century’s various communist sects: from militarily imposed US global leadership for democracy in the minds of neocons like McCain to an almost Trotskyite internationalism according to President Obama’s canon- globalist goals vary only in the manner of their propaganda packaging, rather than their outcomes. From Serbia to Libya, it’s a blood-spattered lesson Poroshenko ought to have borne in mind had he any residue of compassion for his long-suffering people.  

    When McCain and Lindsay declared 2017 as the year ‘they go on the offensive’- they absolutely need to be taken seriously. If Poroshenko is oblivious to the carnage McCain’s warmongering is sure to cause, neither Trump nor President Putin have that luxury. For the former, it represents a laser-like challenge to his political survival, while for the latter it means the rekindling of a conflict Russia has worked hard to contain.  

    Of course, it’s President Trump who has the most to lose. McCain and his bipartisan insurgents would be more than happy to oust Trump on the basis of the Trump University fiasco, or lawsuits initiated by the dozens of women who have accused Trump of sexual assault: But that simply isn’t going to happen. And yet the salacious vector was just too good to abandon entirely- Pissgate merely being the international version.  

    Awful though Pissgate is, an infinitely stronger pesticide is needed and McCain, allied to the Left, will instead rely on the time-honored strategy of chaos that has worked ever since it overthrew Tsar Nicholas exactly 100 years ago: an event that in similar fashion fused British spies with rumours of sexual impropriety to initiate radical change.

    America’s October Revolution

    Like Tsar Nicholas, who was falsely accused of being a German agent, a key vector in taking down President Trump is the accusation that he is a Kremlin stooge. Yet the potential of that accusation to inflict long-lasting damage upon Trump is now fast waning, with even Rolling Stone smelling a rat and McCain’s tedious senate hearing on cyber security able to generate only diminishing returns. The Russian hacking hoax is however only the opening salvo in a go-for-broke strategy meant to secure Trump’s ultimate removal: It’s the first act of a political coup against Trump that will be firmly rooted, just like the October Revolution, in the blood, guts, and incompetent response to great power conflict. The intersection between Ukraine and the hacking hoax couldn’t in fact be any clearer.

    Pissgate’s crude imperative is to throw everything into sharp relief.    

    And what of Poroshenko? Like Saakashvili in 2008, he can easily be relied upon to play his role by instigating armed conflict. At some point in 2017, Kiev’s thunderous artillery may well open up on the Luhansk People’s Republic as Poroshenko moves to fulfill his Faustian pact with McCain. It’s at this sorry point, where innocent Ukrainians of all ethnicities are being torn to shreds by indiscriminate artillery barrages, that McCain will get the leverage over Trump he so desperately needs. Remember again:‘2017 is a year of offence and we’re going to tell our colleagues what’s at stake if we don’t push back.’ Pissgate is there to ensure that when the crisis explodes onto our screens, the American public can be assured that the man they elected is to be mistrusted at every turn.  

    The American people now have the cards stacked against them. It’s the same in Europe where McCain, who laughably condemned Brexit as an opportunity for President Putin to unravel the West, lures Kiev into the folly of conflict with Russia via not just the promise of lethal arms, but the far more dangerous promise of EU membership.

    McCain and his fellow globalists on the neoliberal faction of the movement absolutely rely on the EU to enable their ideas.  

    Still, it’s a far off cry from accusing Trump of ‘being soft on Russia,’ even in a time of regional conflict in Ukraine, to actually getting him either impeached.  

    But think again: the liberal media will shamelessly force-feed atrocity pictures of casualties from McCain’s timely little war that will render Trump seemingly impotent even as they amplify earlier allegations that originated in the hacking hoax.

    However, it’s immigration reform that will incite the masses to violence and public disorder. In short, as any Trotskyite theoretician would be the first to acknowledge, foreign conflict must fuse with domestic chaos to achieve the desired result.  

    Pissgate aside, while it might be hard to imagine snowflakes and BLM swarming onto the streets in support of John McCain- so long as globalist ends are served, the details don’t matter. But even here a word of caution is needed: John McCain is Chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI) whose work is linked both to George Soros, the US State Department and has included, among other things, training activists for the Arab Spring, a coup in Haiti, and organizing right wingers in Poland.

    The IRI embodies the bipartisan nature of the globalist agenda and the fact that it will employ anyone from Kiev’s Neo-Nazis to labour activists and gender equality campaigners as and when needed. That McCain and Soros would be able to collude at different ends of the globalist spectrum in order to incite civil unrest in the United States is a dead certainty. Needless to say, the IRI is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation for the kind of reasons American patriots may soon discover at first hand.  

    As we enter 2017, is there any hope? The problem is that Trump is leading a national revolution for American freedom without having had the time, or perhaps even the inclination, to develop a disciplined support base for his policies. Instead of commanding a dedicated cadre of revolutionaries, he is sitting on the point of the GOP needle, wholly reliant on protest votes to counter, hopefully, senatorial resentment at being so comprehensively upstaged.  

    Farage understood that protest votes were ephemeral and that’s why he quit when he was ahead. Trump, by contrast, is trapped by those same protest votes that commit him to implementing his promises- without being able to rely on them when McCain and the liberal establishment make their move. Perhaps, McCain, too old and discredited to ever be President now, sees himself as a Von Hindenburg type figure, stepping in to save his country from Trumpist perdition. Or perhaps he’s just a sore loser who can’t get over his hatred of Russia. Certainly, as Pissgate shows, Russia is at the center of his fantasies.    

    Either way, if Trump is to fend off the globalist plot against American democracy, not only must he avoid being baited into ‘standing up to Vladimir Putin’- he must move his ideological agenda as far from the so-called Alt-Right as he can get. He has talented people on his side, the delightfully vivacious KT McFarland, for example, whose Weinberger Doctrine on US military intervention could reign in McCain and his ilk. Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America provides another example of the kind of inclusive proactive policy push Trump now needs to find if he is to resist McCain and Pissgate’s assorted deep state putschists.  

    Above all, as the West faces civilizational collapse, just as the barbarians flocked to feast on Rome’s carcass in the 5th century, today’s angry third world multitudes are massing at the cry of their globalist enablers to devour the innards of our societies. In such a perilous time, with the mass extinction of western civilization imminent, provoking unnecessary conflict with Russia is no act of American patriotism.    

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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