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    United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) newly elected leader Paul Nuttall speaks after the announcement of his success in the leadership election, in London, Britain November 28, 2016

    UKIP Must Also Sign Pact With United Russia Party

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    by Angus Gallagher

    The Austrian Freedom Party's December agreement with United Russia sets a precedent for all Euroskeptics.

    In a world where political correctness has forced browbeaten Europeans into a corner and left scores dead from Nice to Berlin, the eurosocialist establishment remains defiantly committed to the failed ideology of open borders and mass migration.

    The EU’s multicultural cities are now pockmarked by no-go-zones where euroliberal diversity means armed police defending Christmas markets.

    It’s therefore no exaggeration to say that Europeans, crushed by imported savagery that works in tandem with the bleating MSM, have stood abandoned in the face of relentless attacks. As if contrived to break the European psyche, a cynical conveyor belt of emotion is quickly followed by tears, teddy bears, all around hugs, and renewed commitment to spread-eagle Europe’s borders. It’s not enough that innocent Europeans are mugged, raped, and murdered — they must quiver in atonement for the sins of colonialism, forcing themselves to choke off any natural instinct of self preservation. Quite simply, the EU elites are woefully out of touch. The problem is that unlike their ideological bedfellows in the US Dems, no one can call Brussels’ eurosocialist fanatics to account.

    Consequently, the floundering EU is indeed at breaking point: 2017 is a hinge of fate year in which Merkel meets her political comeuppance, the FN readies for power, UKIP smashes Labour in the English North, and the Austrian Freedom Party consolidates its political clout.

    The EU is perilously close to final fragmentation, its military arm- NATO, stoking tensions in Ukraine and stacking up its forces on Russia’s borders: clear deflection tactics.  Meanwhile, the discredited elites in Berlin and London are busily clamoring for McCarthyite purges of anyone critical of the EU-NATO Axis’ descent into organized chaos- even if their only option now is to ride out the Trump presidency.

    Smart Move: It’s within this context that the Austrian Freedom Party signed a cooperation agreement with United Russia on December 19th. The agreement is for a 5- year term and calls for greater dialogue in the spheres of economic and educational cooperation.

    Whether UKIP has the political gravitas of the Austrian Freedom Party, which ran a second election run on December 4th where it lost by only 7%, is a moot point: UKIP proved its steel with Brexit and its new leader, Paul Nuttall is a working class advocate for better relations with Russia- starting with an end to anti-Russian sanctions.

    UKIP has nothing to fear from adopting the same policy as the Austrian Freedom Party: professional Russophobes have already decided to tar UKIP with a campaign of fake news that it overly identifies with Russia. Numerous think tanks have claimed as much and their briefings are then spun into fake news- no questions asked. It’s an alarming trend that will go into full throttle as 2017 unfolds. Indeed, the liberal elite’s fake news industry is set to boom as the anti-Trump globalist insurgency gathers pace. That this might threaten international security as the likes of CNN whip up raw emotions is a risk that can only be negated through effective dialogue. As such, any agreement between a euroskeptic party like UKIP and United Russia is a peace offensive that deserves the support of all right-minded people.

    UKIP is a party of fraternal friendship to the Russian Federation. Its ideology is centrist and one of inclusive civil patriotism that utterly rejects the poison of ethnic nationalism. For UKIP, as with all Euroskeptics, the only thing that can save Europe is a mass outbreak of national sovereignty: It means an end to Russophobia, NATO warmongering, globalist domination, and the nation- hating ideology of eurosocialism that makes all of this possible. The convergence of interests between Euroskeptics and Russia is undeniable.

    Above all, a memorandum of friendship and mutual understanding between UKIP and United Russia should provide a broader framework for cultural and strategic dialogue as free peoples overcome the artificial barriers the new cold war seeks to inflict upon us. Sovereign democrats like UKIP, the FN, the Northern League, and the Austrian Freedom Party must work together to counter the European Parliament’s grand coalition. Moscow is the natural pivot for the level of political calibration needed to manage this delicate process.        

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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