22:52 GMT +319 January 2020
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    The revolt against the corrupt and incompetent political system which governs the United States must begin with the citizenry informing themselves of the genuine truth instead of establishment propaganda. This the governing political class is determined to prevent at all costs.

    One of the main methods that the controllers use to control the general American population goes something like this. Keep people in such a state of frenzied activity that they don't have any time to think properly. This generally has two facets to it. One of which is what I would call work or education related. Keep people in a constant state of a struggle for survival so that they have little time for anything else. Which brings up the other facet. That is when they do have some spare time make sure that it is also taken up by some form of what I would call frenzied recreational activity.

    The whole point being to deny people any chance to engage in quiet contemplation. Which is essential if a person is to become truly enlightened.

    People that are kept in the state of frenzied activity that I talked about have no other choice but to just believe whatever they are told because they are simply not left with enough time to think for themselves. Thus, between the government, the media, religion, and the educational system the controllers can manipulate the American masses any way that they want to without much trouble.

    To an enlightened person, their tactics appear very amateurish. But the trick is that they are not trying to fool the people who are already awake because they know that it would be useless to try. They are only trying to fool the distracted masses.

    The dumbing down of the American population is an essential prerequisite for their current and future enslavement.

    This would not be possible without the destruction of public education in the United States. and the inclusion of anti-intellectualism as an integral part of the American psyche. The American people must be deprived of the means to understand what is being done to them and they must internalize a hostility towards those that do. This assault has been going on for the best part of a century and has been accompanied by the propagation of the cult of athleticism which was meant to replace genuine intellectual endeavor in the majority of the population.

    Public education was established in this country in the latter half of the nineteenth century when it began to be understood that an educated population was absolutely essential for a democratic form of government to function as it was originally meant to. Character is essential too of course, but it must also be accompanied by a thorough understanding of the real world.

    There has been a systematic assault on the quality of public education by Democratic administrations to clear the way for the Republicans to privatize it and only make it available to the wealthy just like it used to be. The coming to power of the Trump regime is going to give a major boost to this process.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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