00:46 GMT07 April 2020
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    EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Equating Sputnik, RT to Daesh Propaganda (82)

    In a shock move to crush growing anti-EU dissent, the EU has just adopted a 'thought police' draft resolution to crack down on any criticism of Brussels.

    Stunned UKIP MEPs have reacted with horror as hardline Polish lawmaker Anna Fotyga succeeded in touting a wildcard European Parliament draft resolution that equates Brit-friendly Russian media outlets Sputnik and RT with sick Jihadist propaganda from the Middle East.

    RT, known for providing Britons with an alternative to the BBC’s pro-Obama standpoint and post-Brexit negativity, is also home to the much loved George Galloway, Larry King, and many a Brussels critic. The budding network was rumored to have even offered Nigel Farage a job recently.

    But now, thanks to Anna Fotyga and a secretive anti-Trump think tank called ‘The Atlantic Council’- the European Parliament’s latest bizarre outburst might brand anyone questioning mass migration and the EU’s lack of transparency ‘a threat to European unity’- on par with the notorious headchopper Jihadi John, or bedroom radical Aqsa Mahmud.

    Enough is Enough: Both Steve Woolfe and UKIP’s David Arnott MEP have stepped in to condemn this latest insanity- noting the massive $1.6 million cash bonanza the draft resolution has granted to the East-Stratcom Team, Brussels’ cyber spooks whose work includes trolling any sites known to be critical of the EU.

    Seeking to deflect attention from its own mistakes, including Merkel’s refugee debacle, plans to allow 75 million Turks into the EU, and multiple terror strikes that have rocked the continent- the controversial draft resolution adopted by 304 votes to 179 no’s with a whopping 208 abstentions- barely mustered a support rate of 50%. And yet a rainbow coalition of ardent europhiles, culled from both the Tory right and the Eurosocialists, now poses a terrible threat to media freedom and Euroskepticism in particular.

    As Merkel’s dream of unifying Europe under German hegemony cloaked in multiculturalism collapses and the Clintonites lick their wounds, little hope now remains of Berlin’s gambit paying off — except in the minds of those who would like to see Germany turned into a cold war hold out state, charged with the mission of waiting out the Trump presidency.

    It’s within the context of these bitter divisions, that Russia neither created, nor hoped to perpetuate, that the European Parliament has launched one of the most savage attacks on press freedom ever seen in any democratic society.

    Perversely, as unelected eurocrats tighten their grip on peaceful dissent, the draft resolution claims that Russia is an authoritarian state- failing to mention that President Putin was elected by a landslide majority. The EP resolution orders Brussels’ cyber spies to penetrate ‘Russian civil society’ — a euphemism in intelligence circles for subversive propaganda that could include anything from reaching out to violent separatist radicals within Russia to nationalist hotheads — both of which the Kremlin has steadfastly opposed in the name of social stability. A similar EU initiative in Ukraine has led to 10,000 fatalities and the eurocrats running for cover as Dutch voters rejected a provocative visa deal with Kiev last spring.

    The EU's sinister promise to both suppress euroskepticism and stir up trouble in Russia smacks of a would be a totalitarian state in crisis and already past the point of no return. For its part, Russia has stressed the importance of strengthening economic ties and standing together in the fight against global terror.

    The Fotyga report goes on to slam Russia for allegedly presenting itself as the defender of Christian values to EU citizens dazed by rampant public disorder and migrant sex gang attacks.         

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

    EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Equating Sputnik, RT to Daesh Propaganda (82)


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