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    Will the Bruised Liberal Media Now Agitate for World War 3?

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    by Angus Gallagher

    The global liberal media is intent on befouling the West’s relations with Russia just to prove a point.

    Monstrously biased in their liberal-left leanings, the BBC, France-24, and CNN are working round the clock to undermine a generational opportunity for stable relations between the West and the Russian Federation.  

    At every step, President elect Trump is derided as the media works overtime to cast as much doubt as possible into the public consciousness.

    Meanwhile, and on a titanic level, the conditions that have led to the rise of the so called ‘populist right’ are buried under bleeding heart sob stories, or skewered by pseudo-Marxist analysis that tries to dress up the mass backlash against feckless immigration policies as wrongheaded ‘scapegoating’ of the other due to a flawed understanding of economics: It is a failure to embrace internationalism and the blessings of open borders, rather than the collapse of globalist policies into urban squalor, terrorism, and unchecked religious fanaticism that is to blame.    

    Accordingly, progressive angst on CNN and France 24 et al soon surrenders to frustration and outright contempt for not just democracy- but the voters themselves. This isn’t a strategy likely to win new viewers, but elitist liberal snark always has to flout even basic common sense. Did a champagne socialist ever turn down an opportunity to call a working man or woman stupid?  

    Discussion panels handpicked for their populist leftist radicalism create an inquisitorial tenor where any objective analysis of the Trump victory, Brexit, multiculturalism, or Russian internal and foreign policies are simply impossible. If dissenting views on these issues are allowed, it is done with the sincerity of throwing a victim into a shark tank.

    The unhappy result is the creation of an alternate reality within the global liberal media that has sabotaged the cognitive faculties of its journalists.

    Ideology aside, the liberal media is no longer interested in professional neutrality: its aim, blindly implemented with self isolating missionary zeal, is to preach ‘the truth.’ And yet that truth can only ever be a subjective one that is ardently conditioned by the very progressive, globalist values so many now find to be absolutely repulsive.    

    Active Measures: The corporate media empires are ripe for a timely round of geopolitical manipulation. While hypocritically claiming that RT and Sputnik are ‘Kremlin funded’- the liberal media have an ideological basis for opposing Russian sovereignty: international socialism artfully coupled to neo-conservatism.     

    Like progressives generally, the more the liberal media is left to its own prejudices, the more it alienates countless millions of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. The dirty secret is that the mainstream media is no longer mainstream- and that is has abandoned centrism entirely.

    Trapped in a conundrum of its own making, the liberal media machine is suffering collapsing ratings as a de facto popular boycott comes into play: CNN’s ratings have crashed below that of the gardening networks. Equally, in the UK, the BBC is associated with political correctness run riot, globalist hype, and the kind of pro-EU subservience that has seen Britons fleeing to RT in droves.    

    The situation is now so serious from the perspective of the liberal media that President Obama himself has warned against the admittedly very real dangers of fake news generated by Facebook. But the deeper question is of course one that liberals and their globalist puppet masters daren’t pose: why are millions forced into the Facebook news lottery in the first place?  

    Faced with this dire situation and not likely to remain satisfied with sniping at Trump and Russia from the sidelines, the corrupt globalist infrastructure may attempt to provoke conflict between the West and Russia as a means to undermine popular democracy and recover lost ground.  

    Both Trotskyites and neoconservatives understand the importance of warfare as a tool of internal political manipulation. For the Trotskyite, botched military adventurism is the holy grail- a chance to mobilize against the rulers in the name of peace, equality, anti-imperialism and, of course, social justice. For the neoconservatives, conflict is the opportunity to defend liberalism from authoritarian power projection, spread democracy, defend western values, protect human rights, and, naturally, defend foreign minorities.

    Be crystal clear: it is the slick gloss of the mainstream international liberal media with its flashy graphics, glib sound-bites, and deconstructed arguments that weld socialist internationalism to neo-conservatism in a way that is so seamless, snowflakes in Seattle will ally with British Corbynites to defend some godforsaken corner of nowhere in the belief they are fighting for a better world with their NATO armies and LGBT rainbow flags.  

    The EU is falling to bits. The plague of imported terrorism is seeping across Europe’s frontiers. The West’s multicult cities have collapsed from within.

    Both Trotskyites and neocons understand that the best way to undermine Trump is to trap him into a war that will both embarrass him and result in the rehabilitation of every progressive project from the EU to the shattered ranks of the Clintonites.   

    Ideally, the Trotskyites would like to see a short but nasty limited conflict that would rock both the West and Russia’s power structures to the core: a modern version of the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 that would end in a cosy Treaty of Portsmouth type solution where all globalist assets would be revitalized. On the street, spreading anarchy would bring down Trump and a raft of euroskeptic leaders in a colored revolution extravaganza, without discrediting the real power nexus of the liberal cartels, the EU, and NATO.

    In fact, the latter would be redeemed from oblivion. The aim now of the international liberal media is to ramp up Russophobia at the slightest opportunity. Any provocation against Russia, no matter how vile, or incendiary, is a backdoor to undermining Trump with a view to saving the otherwise doomed EU and, by extension, the painfully outdated NATO.   

    Desperate for a new host, Russophobia might seek to thrive in the swamp of eurosocialism, or among the German elites as the globalist media flatters Berlin, with London mounting fierce competition, into becoming the leading cold war hold out state- all in the name of fake multikult tolerance and defending liberal values against 'Trumpist vandalism' and a 'revanchist Russia.'    

    The millions who voted for peaceful coexistence with Russia and relations based on equality and mutual respect may yet be robbed of the dream of saving western civilization as cynical globalists stir a media frenzy over Baltic security, Ukraine, or potentially anywhere else a good story can be spun. To say that vigilance is required is an understatement. 

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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