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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to the crowd during a rally in Roanoke, Va., Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016

    Why Did Trump Win

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    Did people vote for Trump or veto Hillary Clinton & the Establishment?

    This is the age of protest against the long held Establishment. The same Establishment that demonized Donald Trump and by doing so dug their own graves. What’s the difference between an authoritative regime that holds power for decades and the Establishment! Well, whatever the difference may be, the similarity is that both of them have long been in power and people just wanted a change.

    The Establishment dethroned Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi and even trying it’s best to dethrone Assad for the most obvious projected reason that’s ‘they had /have been in power for too much time’; well, can’t the same be said about the mainstream media and existing Establishment?

    The same can be said for most communist and socialist states where the same person stays in power for an unthinkable amount of time making their government nothing less than a kingdom with ‘Royal’ power and dominance. So why did Trump win?

    Well one of the ‘other’ most important reasons is that he fought against the existing Establishment.

    The aspect of ‘Skin color and nationalism’ always plays a vital part in forming the outlook and sub conscious beliefs of the people and this played a great role in American elections as well. Racism is always destructive and foundation of a Government cannot be made upon 'Racist' beliefs; if it happens then Trump will become like any other autocratic ruler in the world.

    People knew that Trump might not be the best fit for a President but, they also knew that Hillary Clinton was not fit either. If the mainstream media didn’t have vigorously without taking break demonized Trump accompanied with the allegations on Russia, writing more about wrong doings of Russia and Putin and focusing less on America; finally, the email revelations by WikiLeaks: all these paved the way for a Trump presidency.

    Trump played the ‘nationalist card’ and he won. People felt that Clintons didn’t work for the betterment of the American people but for the military industrial complex. The war on Iraq, Libya, Syria was projected to be for the general good of humanity by dethroning autocratic regimes but on the other hand the US financed Saudi Regime who are by far commit the worst human rights violation in the world.

    All these policies and anti-Russian rhetoric of the mainstream media and politicians compelled the people to believe that the existing Clintons’ policies are of no or little good for ‘original’ Americans; Trump was too clever to pick up these wrong policies of the Establishment and the people were forced to believe that maybe Trump won’t be the best president but he will not waste American lives and money for keeping the military industrial complex happy and will bring back jobs.

    A President is not a candidate; if Trump tries hard to impose his beliefs on the society, then there might be a civil war in US itself, but that is too drastic a thought and hopefully that won’t happen. No matter who is the President, the US foreign policy has always been more or less the same, i.e., to appease the Military Industrial Complex, if Trump too continues to do so and divide the US society in terms of Skin colour, religion and ethnicity then his presidency will be a disaster. Any type of extremism leads to chaos and in order to ‘Make America Great Again’ and create a safer world he needs to act in a moderate way.  He cannot afford to become another ‘Hitler’ but must unify US society and work in a democratic way. 

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