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    Protesters with placards and banners demonstrating on a variety of domestic issues including a call for British Prime Minister David Cameron to stand down, organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, listen to speeches in Trafalgar Square after marching in central London on April 16, 2016.

    Victory at Trafalgar: Crushing Pro-EU Colored Revolution

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    by Angus Gallagher
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    As a new globalist plot unfolds, Great Britain must rise to defend her freedom with an iron fist.

    What Obama, Goldman Sachs, the IMF and NATO failed to do on the EU’s behalf may now be achieved by a Kiev style nexus of political oligarchs and the power of the street. Yet whether it’s backsliding Tory cabinet ministers, or scruffy mass migration agitators with a penchant for political intimidation- both tendencies exhibit a stunning contempt for British democracy. Indeed, the fact that the Brexit referendum was won by ordinary working people sick of being placed dead last in their own country simply incites these cynical forces into revealing their core belief that our browbeaten citizenry are too stupid to act in the interest of the EU’s progressive values.

    Britain’s Berkut

    While Berkut units bravely attempted to defend the democratically elected Ukrainian government from EU-CIA sponsored thugs in 2014, despite having 5,000 members, Ukrainian Police Special Forces were unable to hold Maydan against the sheer mass of extremists. Britain’s CO20 Tactical Support Group has a paltry 800 trained officers. The London riots of 2011 show how overstretched UK police forces can collapse with alarming speed.

    It means that Brexit, and by extension, British constitutional democracy- may soon face an unheard of challenge. Pro-EU agitators and leftist extremists allied to Neo-Nazis are a devil’s brew hell bent on overturning the democratically sound Brexit vote. As powerful politicians incite these divisive elements, Britain’s security defences against pro-EU civil disobedience have been sabotaged- leaving the country at the mercy of Maydan style blackmail.

    Even the now thoroughly disgraced war criminal Tony Blair, exposed by Chilcot as a narcissistic American lackey, and his socially obnoxious former spin doctor- Alistair Campbell, have been wheeled out to proclaim a new political theory that is as bogus as anything these pair of serial liars have ever concocted in the past: referendums must be ignored because the will of the people can only be represented by parliament. This of course denies the fact that the referendum was approved by an act of parliament, the European Union Referendum Act 2015, and so is entirely constitutional. But what would you expect from a man who lied to the British people about WMD in Iraq and, in Alistair Campbell’s case- someone caught on tape spitting at a 61 year old pensioner in Hampstead?    Having fought against Brexit every step of the way- only to face a humiliating defeat at the people’s hand, the most reactionary forces on the upper deck of British politics have formed a Faustian pact with a rainbow alliance of dizzy Europhiles, leftist thugs, radicalized immigrants, separatists, and the international mainstream media.

    Tahrir Reloaded

    A mass rally scheduled to take over London’s iconic Trafalgar Square on the 28th June was mysteriously cancelled at the last minute despite over 50,000 signing up to take part. It seems the globalists had decided to give British politicians time to undo Brexit by more genteel means than the squalor of a mass sit-in Tahrir style.

    The left-right British political establishment are in blind panic and like a bunch of mafia crime families, even though they are ordinarily at each other’s throats, when it comes to defending the EU and, by extension, NATO itself, closing ranks is the name of the game. The great anxiety is that UKIP, with its dogged determination to activate Article 50, and its condemnation of NATO’s sabre-rattling on the eastern flanks, will consolidate its great victory on June 23rd even though its leader, Nigel Farage, has resigned- partly due to the number of death threats against him.  Yet UKIP is a centrist party, focused on building a consensus, a movement that condemns the polarization of British society on which the elites’ politics of division have thrived for decades.

    UKIP, the party of the British people and a united Britain, has shattered the status quo and plunged the Tories and Labour into a tailspin. Britain’s political cartels fear alienating Obama and being cut off from the eurosocialist mainland where Britain has always tagged the Americans to punch above its weight: UKIP challenges this.

    Fundamentally then, the complacent left-right cartels are obsessed with ruling Britain, carving it up like slices of turf, though they have no idea on how to actually lead. When in crisis, their main technique involves sniveling about equality, diversity, tolerance, social justice, and inclusiveness. But even that doesn’t work now that the British people have smashed through the fear barrier of political correctness. If Great Britain narrowly avoided the bloody birth of a full blown colored revolution on June 28th, it was only because it was deemed too soon for the globalists to strike at the heart of British constitutional democracy. But we must be crystal clear, activation of mass street protests on the scale of Maydan is a sword of Damocles hanging precariously over a thoroughly disunited Tory government, a permanent reminder that if the EU does not get its way via a backroom deal- it will seize what it wants through the focused deployment of extremists embedded in mass protests designed to paralyze London and bring the British elite to its knees within days.

    Picnic in the Park

    Just so the British government remains focused on wriggling out of implementing Article-50, rallies are slowly building up to the specter of seizing Trafalgar Square. On Sunday 9th July, in London’s Green Park, Europhile activists, in scenes starkly reminiscent of Maydan, held placards proclaiming their undying loyalty to Brussels, EU flags brazenly held aloft above the mobs. To clearly signal its support for the protesters, Sadiq Khan’s London Assembly defiantly flies the EU flag- despite orders to haul it down.

    If Trafalgar Square does become the new Maydan, will the US Ambassador to London, Mathew Barzun, take time out from his marriage counseling to hand out cookies to Britain’s Pro-EU ‘democracy activists’- even though their avowed intention is to overthrow the outcome of a fully constitutional referendum?

    The alarming signs that the groundwork for a particularly volatile colored revolution, aimed at overthrowing Brexit on behalf of the European Commission, are slowly being laid are unmistakable: naturally, as in Georgia, Tunisia, Egypt and Ukraine, social media will play a key part.

    Is it any coincidence that Facebook, only hours before the Picnic in the Park rally, released news of its new secret message encryption service with a promise of wider availability later this summer?

    Another Sore Loser?

    Is it possible that we are witnessing a new colored revolution’s technical infrastructure being laid, one where even Britain’s GCHQ monitoring service will be outfoxed?

    It’s hard to find any justifiable reason as to why Facebook has decided to introduce a secret encryption service for ‘sensitive’ messages- something that is surely mostly associated with the Dark Web and those who have good reason to hide.

    But then when you have just lost $2.6 billion due to Brexit, as is the case with Mark Zuckerberg, as well as the Soros style ideological imperative to keep Britain under the EU’s tyranny, it’s the perfect way to recoup your losses.

    But this high strangeness continues: Andrea Leadsom, the one Tory leader who can be relied upon to initiate ultra-serious final departure talks, suddenly appeared in the Panama leaks in the immediate run up to the Tory leadership vote. Does this not indicate the fingerprints of the NSA? Not only that, but the Times of London, once a respectable pillar of British journalism, yet now nothing more than a reactionary gutter rag against British sovereign democracy, essentially fabricated a story aimed at portraying the Tory Brexiteer in the most negative light possible.

    London’s Yulia Tymoshenko

    Of course, every colored revolution needs its flamboyant champions in the entrenched political class and the UK’s growing maelstrom is no exception. Tearfully addressing the pro-EU throngs, dramatically pleading for them to continue ‘the fight for the future,’ Anna Soubry has somehow managed to merge the pathos of Julia Tymoshenko with the background of Ursula Von der Leyen. This isn’t surprising as far from being a mere pro-Brussels crowd pleaser, Anna Soubry is busily trying to force Andrea Leadsom from government- a move that would all but kill Brexit stone dead. For her part, Soubry may well know a thing or two about Maydan- she was a Minister of Defence at the height of the Ukraine crisis and the subsequent imposition of anti-Russian sanctions.

    Is it any coincidence that she pitched up in Trafalgar Square weeping at the tragedy of it all?

    Sounding more like a member of the Black Panthers as she gustily incites the assembled crowds in Trafalgar Square, all of whom she conveniently casts as victims of post-Brexit racism, Soubry’s voice cracks with emotion as she harangues her listeners to ‘fight back.’ But few of those present would have realized Anna Soubry’s credentials as a former defence minister with access to the most highly classified British and NATO military intelligence. This curious episode is captured right here: 

    If there are two demolition tunnels being endlessly gouged out beneath Brexit to provide the ideological time bomb of colored revolution, the first is meant to appeal to the left, while the second is aimed at the traditional right. The former includes accusations by cornered politicians, the BBC, and of course, the terminally outraged Christianne Amanpour, that Brexiteers are racist xenophobes.

    While this has been debunked a million times, the lie is simply too good to be discarded and it is a key mechanism to mobilize leftist support. In fact, many demonstrators at the Anti-Brexit rallies held so far have held placards and banners calling for ‘migrant rights’, ‘open borders’, ‘asylum for all’, and support for ‘tolerance.’

    There is however not much tolerance for the 52% who voted to leave the EU not on the basis that they disliked foreigners, indeed no country has been more welcoming than Britain, but due to the fact that open door mass migration has not only depressed wages- it has left Britain exposed to Merkel’s puerile antics.   

    The second pathway is even more insidious. Its aim is not to activate street protests, but to encourage traditional voters to turn a blind eye to them: Russophobia. While this has many forms, the basic argument is that leaving the EU undermines NATO’s unity and isolates Britain in a way likely to leave it open to blackmail. The fact that the EU-NATO Axis’ expansion model has placed the fulcrum of British national security not in the shared coziness of Whitehall-Pentagon understanding that dates back to the Atlantic Charter, but in the sticky hands of hysterically Russophobic politicians in Poland and the Baltic States- is a dangerous irony that’s permanently left opaque. And if ever there was a way to make things even worse, the EU can always be relied upon to find it: assimilation of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia by both arms of the EU-NATO Axis places a gun to Britain’s head as the elites embark on a deadly game of Article 5 Russian roulette.

    Shock and Disgust

    The internet is awash with bizarre theories that claim that Brexit is a Zionist plot to destroy Europe. Often encouraged by gleeful outpourings on the breakup of the United Kingdom, these inane conspiracy theories scream that Britain is run by Jews and must therefore be punished as ‘perfidious Albion.’ While all of this is a cheap rip-off of Nazi propaganda rehashed for far left extremist recirculation, a script for those too stupid to write their own, those closet Nazis who disguise their true allegiances by hiding behind Russia, do create such a feeling of disgust that the effect is to drive British opinion ever closer to the EU-NATO Axis. In fact the grotesque term ‘Anglo-American Empire’ seems designed to do just that and is pulled from the same bag of tricks as the Illuminati and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Such deviant thoughts serve the insidious function of placing any discussion of British-Russian cooperation, no matter how mutually beneficial, in the realms of the ridiculous.

    Is it any wonder the EU-NATO Axis is completely certain of its ideological superiority when all it has to worry about is such piffle?

    What’s clear is that just as in Ukraine, Neo-Nazi sentiment can be cleverly manipulated to achieve the counter revolutionary ends of colored revolution. Of course, while there will always be simple minded bigots who despise Great Britain in revenge for their own historical incompetence and outright stupidity, no one knows the real source of these disturbingly Britophobic articles.

    Their aim however is clear: to drown out those British euroskeptics who see in Russia a potential trade partner and a country that is stoutly defending its sovereign democracy, even at the cruel price of NATO vindictively laying siege to its borders. But for the true euroskeptic, the positive case for Russia can never be swayed- the Russian Federation deserves its peace of mind through the open dialogue of a new Yalta conference that will lead to a final, inclusive settlement in Europe.

    At this point it is perhaps apt to summarize what colored revolution is: firstly, it is profoundly anti-democratic. We saw this in Ukraine when the Maydan activists overthrew the democratically elected Party of the Regions and we are starting to see it as the Anti-Brexit coalition contemplates seizing Trafalgar Square. In essence, colored revolution does not stand in the revolutionary tradition of 1917, which was rooted in the suffering and sacrifice of the people, and is in fact- pure counter revolution.  As a counter revolution, it not only reflects the inclinations of a sliver of society, but is entirely instigated and controlled from abroad. This is true of the Arab Spring revolts and Maydan.

    In Britain’s case, the motivation of the anti-Brexit movement is explicitly based on a foreign agenda- that of preserving Britain’s EU membership and the EU-NATO Axis’ joint trajectory of tighter integration for the purpose of ever more reckless expansion. Indeed, the parallels between how the EU and the CIA acted in Kiev in 2014, and how they would like to act in Great Britain in 2016 are chillingly similar.  Equally, like the hardened religious extremists of Tahrir and Maydan’s savage Neo-Nazi gangs, extremist agitators in Great Britain’s pro-EU mobs are also undoubted candidates for a CNN makeover.

    For this to work, the narrative of the EU’s moral superiority must be firmly established; anyone who refuses to believe in the EU’s mission of multicultural goodness must be vilified as a ‘racist little Englander’ — a broken class of old fools determined to take Britain back to 1970, the sort of has-beens the lovable EU’s progressive sunny youth must join hands to overcome. Again, we saw the same in Kiev, the fairy story of outward looking young people desperate to forge new ties with the EU in celebration of their ‘Europeaness’ and ‘modernity’- primed against pro-Russians who symbolized a cross between the darkly medieval backwardness of Muscovy and the jackboot of the NKVD.  None of this is by chance.  

    If the free world can realize that colored revolutions are based on lies, the cynical manipulation of youth through technology, and the activation of extremist elements to overthrow sovereign democracy, then self-governing nations still proudly standing under their own flag from Minsk to Beijing may well see the United Kingdom’s crushing of a colored revolution in the months ahead as a second British victory at Trafalgar. 

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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